Israel is ready to fight Iran by air, land, water, and cyberspace

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TEL AVIV, BM, ($1= 3.27 Israeli Shekels) – Israel is ready to oppose Iran by air, land, water, and cyberspace to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said on Sunday (July 4th) during a ceremony honoring members of the southern Lebanese army.

Later that evening, Benny Ganz gave a television interview in which he openly said that Israel conflicted with Iran, and would do everything possible to stop Iranians from behaving negatively in the Middle East.

Iran and the United States are in talks to return to the 2015 nuclear deal, which Israel disapproves of. We recall that the then President of the United States Donald Trump pulled the United States out of this deal, which caused controversy in the world. Iran has not remained indifferent to this US behavior and has taken steps to increase uranium enrichment.

Israel continues to avenge Iran’s attacks on an Israeli cargo ship. Tel Aviv generally has no practice of commenting on military actions carried out by the Israeli army, but when they are linked to Tehran, Tel Aviv is not silent and takes responsibility.

As we wrote yesterday, according to comments from Middle East analysts, Israel is expected to be more vindictive during the reign of new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. We remind you that last Sunday, June 27, the Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes on weapons workshops, including the arms plant of the radical Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza.

The reason for this was the balloons loaded with explosives to Israel released by the Palestinians earlier in the week. During Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule, Israel did not always respond to such Palestinian attacks, which very often caused mostly fires without damage to buildings or injuries.

Israeli-Iranian proxy war / cold war

Communication between Israel and Iran is mostly threatening and hostile. Such has been the relationship between the two countries for a very long time. This situation is known as the proxy conflict, the proxy war, or the Cold War between the two countries.

The conflict “appeared” on the world map after the Iranian revolution in 1979. In all the years to this day, Iran aims to destroy Israel as a state. Tehran supports groups and organizations that are hostile to the Jewish state and people. On the other hand, Israel is worried about Iran’sIran’s nuclear program. The proximity of the two countries worries Tel Aviv that Iranians could use them against Israel if Iran has nuclear weapons. Israel also finds its allies in the face of the United States and Saudi Arabia, which are apparent opponents of Iran.

Thus, this conflict gradually turned into an Israeli-Iranian war. The competition has been going on since the start of the Syrian civil war. According to Iran, Israel rules by an illegitimate “Zionist regime,” a Tehran problem. Iran’sIran’s other point of reference is that the United States is hostile to Muslims because it supports Israel.


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