Don’t rejoice – Hamas’ attacks on Israel raise many questions

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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Eleven days of rocket fire from Gaza by the Palestinian political-military movement Hamas against Israel have raised many questions. Especially now that the fire has ceased, world analysts and military experts will have a field of action to present their views on causes, consequences, and expectations.

However, and I, as editor, have questions about the means used by Hamas to attack the Israelis.

Take, for example, the most commonly used rockets in this “rocket war” – Qassam. This rocket costs up to $ 800. It is made of old pipeline pipes. It drives by a unique mixture of sugar, potassium nitrate, and organic fertilizer. Almost the same ingredients are using to explode the missile’s warhead, but TNT added.

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In just one night, Hamas fired 150 rockets at the coastal city of Ashkelon. Israel acknowledged that they were unprepared, even experiencing technical problems with the Iron Dome air defense system, but could eliminate them quickly. This type of missile (Qassam) is not controllable, nor does it have smart warheads, nor are they self-guided. You place them on an iron welded launching structure at a 45-degree angle, light the wick, and fire.

This rocket has a constant trajectory. Not only Iron Dome, but almost any other short-range air defense system will also intercept it. This missile has no radar. Hamas fires the rocket at its discretion – it may fall in a city, drop in a field, and fall into the sea. Also, the charge in the warhead is not so devastating.

Why did Hamas decide to carry out missile attacks with this type of missile, given that they have missiles with a more extended range, a variable flight path and significantly greater charge, and destructive power? Recall that not long ago was when a Hamas rocket fell into Israel, was not intercepted by the Iron Dome, and made a massive crater in the city.

Why didn’t Hamas activate Israel’s air defense systems, at least five in 11 days? A video released by the Israeli Air Force about the demolition of a building using Hamas weapons technology shows that they had such systems. Moreover, Israeli intelligence has repeatedly claimed over the years that Gaza, in addition to underground tunnels, is littered with hidden air defense systems.

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He has not had such rocket fire or military action between Gaza and Israel for at least ten years. During this time, Iran was constantly arming the Palestinian group, so we dare say that Hamas fired at Israel is a small part of the movement’s weapons potential.

So why does the Palestinian movement’s combat wing use a rocket to make any child in a labor and creativity class or an amateur rocket modeling course?

I doubt that this attack is the beginning of something bigger. We think this was a test for Israel. Armies use similar tactics and ways to get the enemy to unleash their potential. Israel could kill more Palestinians and Hamas leaders, damage and destroy more buildings and binding sites. Still, Hamas has learned something – how to “overheat” the Iron Dome, at what time of day Israel will send planes, and the determination of the IDF to use armored vehicles and ground forces. Hamas has learned something else: if it invokes the “religious war” between Jews and Arabs, it will divide the world in two. Hamas also learned something more – suck a conflict could stop the “democratic western wing” supporting Israel inside the United States.

Didn’t Hamas and Gaza then retain their more destructive strength and power for the next time? Isn’t this ceasefire a lull in a storm? What did Iran see sitting passively on the sidelines and not receiving Tehran’s answers to some of its anti-Israel questions?

I think that something much more destructive is coming, and I hope I am wrong.

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