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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – We present to your attention a list of sniper shooters that have earned recognition for an exciting and realistic sniper shooting simulation and generally well conveying the atmosphere and various features of the sniper’s work.

Among the shooters on the PC, sniper games are far from the most popular, but they also have their loyal audience. Again, even fans of sci-fi and multiplayer FPS, as well as fans of zombie horror in the first person, sometimes want to get away from the usual setting and try something new, more realistic, and “down to earth.”

And the sniper simulators are perfect for this. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list below the best, in our opinion, sniper games for PC. All this means that many of them are suitable even for weak PCs.

Sniper elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is for a popular tactical third-person shooter that demonstrates all the charms and hardships of a sniper’s life.

The fourth part’s events still occurred during the Second World War, Italy in 1943. We should note that the plot of Sniper Elite 4 is full of various events and missions, continually throwing the player from one place to another.

The size and detail of maps have increased, the AI ​​of enemies has also become better, ballistics corrected. The X-Ray Kill Cam system has also expanded to include exploding debris and melee kills.

Sniper: ghost warrior 3

CI Games in April 2017 released a tactical first-person shooter. Unlike previous games in the Ghost Warrior series, this is the first to be positioned as an AAA-class project. Therefore, it has a large open world, ultra-modern graphics, and many different missions, divided into main and side ones.

Moreover, the missions presented here, by no means, all belong to the sniper category. There are tasks for exploration, survival, and even silent penetration into the camp and eliminating the specified target – all in the best stealth traditions.

However, sniper shooting remained a vital element of Ghost Warrior 3, but it has undergone significant changes to newcomers and veterans.

When shooting, even more factors are taken into account: distance, elevation angle, cartridge type, wind strength and direction, body position, and breathing.

The developers have even prepared a unique blog with explanations, the materials of which can be downloaded from the game’s official website.

Hitman [2016]

Hitman [2016] is the last part of the cult series to date about the famous assassin, who often uses weapons with optical sights in his difficult work.

Like the entire Hitman series, the sixth part of the game is not a pure sniper simulator but offers much more varied mechanics. However, scoped weapon shooting is furnished with such charm that it earned the project a place in the top sniper games on PC.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 1 & 2

A spin-off of the popular series from Rebellion, dedicated to the battles with the army of the Nazis raised from the dead, raised by Hitler with the Third Reich’s occult knowledge.

Both parts, released in 2013, contain exciting campaigns that can be played alone or in cooperative mode for up to four people.

The game has retained all the shooting features from the main Sniper Elite series, built on many factors: bullet weight, wind direction, enemy location level, and so on. Of course, the X-Ray Kill Cam system has also been preserved, showing the process of a bullet entering the enemy in all shocking detail.

Arma 3

The third installment of the famous combined arms simulator from Bohemia Interactive recognizes its extensive and in-depth tactical capabilities, including in sniper warfare.

Arma 3 is set shortly, in an open world plunged into a global conflict. Players have access to 20 types of military equipment, 40 types of weapons (and several are ideal for sniper fire at once), various equipment, and consumables. In general, the possibilities for playing the role of a sniper are extensive here.

Even though Arma 3 is not a pure sniper simulator, it deserves the right to be among the best among the games in this category.

Sniper tactical

It is a very unusual game about snipers, which may seem too complicated or even boring to many. And all because Sniper Tactical contains puzzle elements and also combines a step-by-step mode with real-time.

The main task here is not so much to shoot accurately but to correctly compose the order of targets to ensure the survival of the hostages and clear the way for the assault team in time.

Thus, arcade and dynamic shooting from Sniper Tactical should not be expected. But for those who want to fully experience all the complexity, tension, and responsibility of the sniper profession, this toy is worth a try.

Of the minuses, the game is in early access and does not support the Russian language. The graphics here are also very mediocre.

Hitman: Sniper challenge

A mini-game, the events of which develop within the framework of the popular franchise about the 47th. It is a spin-off of the series, although chronologically, it can be considered a prequel to the fifth part of Hitman: Absolution.

The Sniper Challenge’s main advantage is that its gameplay focuses exclusively on shooting with a sniper rifle. In this case, the events occur in a prominent place (there are only one location and one main task) and well-known characters.

The agent sitting on the roof must kill Richard Strong Jr. and as many of his bodyguards as possible. At the same time, everything is given a limited amount of time. And the gameplay is periodically diluted by side tasks.

In the Sniper Challenge, there is a rating of the best players, influenced by speed and accuracy of shooting, successful execution of side effects, and a series of headshots.

Sniper Fury

Another sniper simulator, built on the shooting range, moved to the PC from smartphones and tablets in 2017.

In general, quite an interesting, rich game with an adequate level of graphics and animation for its category. We can say that in this selection it is the best option for weak PCs.

Sniper Fury has more than a hundred missions that will throw the player into various locations shortly. Simultaneously, there is support for weather phenomena: snowstorms, torrential rains with thunderstorms, stormy wind, etc. Of course, all this will have to be taken into account when shooting from long distances.

The arsenal is represented by various weapons, close to the real models that exist today, and by some futuristic guns. At the same time, each of them can be adjusted under itself. There is also a system for collecting parts for further improvement of your favorite rifles and carbines.

There is also a rating system divided into several leagues.

Sniper: Art of victory

A sniper simulator from CI Games, the events of which take place during the Second World War. The protagonist is an elite sniper, a detachment member carrying out an essential mission near Stalingrad and later helping the Alliance forces to liberate the Apennine Peninsula.

The game’s main advantage is the presence of real weapons that existed at the time, including legendary rifles such as the Mosin Sniper Rifle and the Mauser 98 KS. The Third Reich soldiers’ soldiers and gear are also realistic, and many locations exist in Russia and Italy.

The Art of Victory ballistic system considers such factors as the wind’s direction and strength, the bullet’s trajectory, and the shooter’s breathing intensity. When shot in the head, the “slow-motion” mode is activated, showing the result of hitting in all its glory.

Some minutes of the game – very outdated graphics (released in 2008), a small number of missions, and their monotony.

Battle of snipers

This multiplayer browser game is about snipers, which is a shooting range with live players. Both PVE and PVP modes are available.

Duels between players and missions, where they need to act together, take place in different, usually unstable parts of the planet, so the “Battle of Snipers” pleases with a great variety of locations.

There is a good selection of weapons, including two dozen prototypes of real existing assault and sniper rifles. The gamer can hang all trunks with additional modules in a special workshop.

There is also a system of titles and ratings.


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