Norway is arming with Saab anti-tank systems Carl-Gustaf M4

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OSLO, (BM) – The Norwegian armed forces will continue to use the Swedish company Saab’s anti-tank systems, has learned, quoting a press release from the Swedish company. Oslo’s order already accompanies the signed agreement, and the delivery expects to take place this year.

Norway has been using Swedish anti-tank systems since the early 1970s. So far, the Norwegian military has used the M2 and M3 versions of the Carl-Gustaf brand. The signed agreement between the Norwegian government and the Swedish military conglomerate will allow Oslo to place orders and ask the Swedes for training for the next seven years.

“We welcome the latest user to the Carl-Gustaf M4. It’s a great success to continue to support the Norwegian Armed Forces, this time with our future ready Carl-Gustaf M4”, says Görgen Johansson, head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

According to the Swedes’ press release, Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest series of their anti-tank systems. The M4 has a much more comprehensive range of capabilities and flexibility when using various military scenarios and tactical missions. In the Swedish tradition, the M4 is not only a much more precise and accurate weapon but also has an interface that will allow easy updating or integration of future innovative solutions. The Carl-Gustaf M4 is fully compatible with Western targeting systems, allowing the Norwegian army not to worry about integrating it into its military. To date, the Swedish company has already signed contracts with fourteen countries to sell Carl-Gustaf M4.

Norway is also ‘looking around’ for new tanks

The Norwegian armed forces are gradually renewing their capabilities. As we announced in May last year [2020-ed.] The country placed an order, paid for, and received three new fighters of the fifth generation F-35A Lightning-2. These planes are the sixth batch delivered to Norway by the United States.

But Norwegians are also looking for their development on earth. At the end of last year [2020-ed.] Oslo’s published official information is looking to upgrade its ground forces with new armored vehicles – tanks. The Norwegian government has its sympathies for the brand new Leopards, but the South Korean Black Panther also expects to join the race.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defense has long carried out analyses related to the maintenance and development of the Leopard 2A4NO MBT’s capabilities today. In the beginning, Norway considered as many as nine options. Still, in the last stage of the work, two remained: modernization of the existing tanks under the so-called project 5050 and acquisition of new machines.

Thus, the Norwegian government decided to consider two types of new tanks: the Korean K2 Black Panther of Hyundai Rotem and the newly built Leopard 2. In the coming months, we will find out what the Norwegians will prefer.

Carl Gustaf’s anti-tank systems are one of the best in the world

Although very rare in the rankings, the Swedes’ anti-tank systems are perhaps one of the world’s best. The quality of their anti-tank system is evidence that the US Army is arming itself with Carl-Gustaf. Last year, the Americans bought 84 anti-tank systems for nearly $ 100 million.

The military currently uses Carl Gustav grenade launchers in 40 countries around the world. Clients include Australia, Austria, Belize, Venezuela, Germany, Ghana, Denmark, India, Ireland, Canada, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, and Japan.


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