Iran uses laser-guided artillery shells in Aleppo [video]

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DAMASCUS, (BM) – In recent months, it has been alleged that the Iranian military is taking an active part in hostilities in Syria. This information came mostly from foreign intelligence. Iranian Political Affairs Director Tasnim Mahdi Bakhtiari posted a video on his Twitter account proving the allegations.

According to a report by the Lebanese news agency Al-Masdar News, the short video shows the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) taking part in the battle for Aleppo.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) uses laser-guided artillery shells designed for a mobile 152 mm howitzer. So far, Iran has not indicated in which part of Aleppo province the Iranian military is firing.

This information shows that under the guise of Tehran’s “consulting” services that Damascus uses, the Iranian military has managed to support and strengthen Hezbollah’s positions in the region and the positions of the Syrian Arab Army.

Israeli intelligence is right again.

We know that Israeli intelligence rarely makes mistakes. In this case, the Israelis once again showed the quality of their intelligence services. Damascus and Moscow have harshly criticized Tel Aviv for carrying out airstrikes on Syrian cities on the pretext that Iranian troops are stationed there.

We remind you that the Israeli Air Force periodically conducts night air raids by helicopters or drones, often on Damascus’s outskirts. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused Israel of direct attacks on Syrian citizens. However, this video shows that Iranian “consultants” are present in the area and not only in this one.

The video also shows that the job of the Iranian military is not to consult but to participate. Perhaps Moscow’s tacit behavior explains two points of view – that Israel is carrying out airstrikes on Syria and Iran has a military presence in the region. All this clearly explains Russia’s neutral role in the proxy war between Iran and Israel, even in Syria.

New Iranian draft law ‘eliminates’ Israel

“Iran to eliminate Israel” is the structure of the new Iranian draft law submitted by MPs to the Iranian parliament on January 4th, as we reported. According to the new draft law, the future Iranian governments must do everything possible to eliminate Israel by 2041 and expel the US military from the region. The Iranian student news agency ISNA confirmed this news.

It is clear from the circulation material in ISNA that the new Iranian draft law is a voluminous proposal. The topic of the assassination of the Iranian General Quds Qassem Soleimani is mentioning again. The material also reveals that Iran’s revenge is mentioned at least 16 times in the bill, in the form of the phrase “Iran responds.”

MPs are also proposing other changes concerning the region. For example, the Yemeni Hutus must receive support from Iran to deal with the blockade on them. In addition to military aid, Iran offers to send humanitarian assistance to them every three months, such as medicine, food, fuel and more.

At the end of the bill, Iran plans to conduct only nuclear talks with the United States. All others are prohibited, whether bilateral or multilateral negotiations involving other parties or mediators. The new law said Iran would seek to facilitate trade with Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, and Venezuela.

Israeli-Iranian proxy war / cold war

Communication between Israel and Iran is mostly threatening and hostile. Such has been the relationship between the two countries for a very long time. This situation is known as the proxy conflict, the proxy war, or the Cold War between the two countries.

The conflict “appeared” on the world map after the Iranian revolution in 1979. In all the years to this day, Iran aims to destroy Israel as a state. Tehran supports groups and organizations that are hostile to the Jewish state and people. On the other hand, Israel is worried about Iran’s nuclear program. The proximity of the two countries worries Tel Aviv that Iranians could use them against Israel if Iran has nuclear weapons. Israel also finds its allies in the face of the United States and Saudi Arabia, which are apparent opponents of Iran.

Thus, this conflict gradually turned into an Israeli-Iranian war. The competition has been going on since the start of the Syrian civil war. According to Iran, Israel is ruled by an illegitimate “Zionist regime,” a Tehran problem. Iran’s other point of reference is that the United States is hostile to Muslims because it supports Israel.


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