Sixth-gen fighter – US is preparing destructive technology

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WASHINGTON, (BM) – Sixth-gen fighter is preparing to be bold, destructive, and self-regulating. This answer is what the United States is preparing in response to its opponents. These are the words of the editor of defense in the American edition of the National Interest, Chris Osborne.

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Osborne makes an extensive analysis of what the United States will try to develop in the coming years. The 6th generation fighter expects to begin testing and series production at the beginning of the next decade. “In 2030, we can have so much modern technology,” Osborne said in his article.

According to him, the next generation fighter will perform many functions. Detect and avoid enemy radars and silence electronic warfare systems. Data collection, analysis, and transfer will be done in milliseconds and supported by an artificial intelligence system. According to Osborne, the United States will develop a fighter that will launch and control drones, hypersonic missiles, and laser weapons.

Such claims are not fiction. They are currently being developed by American companies and by other companies worldwide, including Russia. Osborn claims that the fighter will be undetectable by enemy radars. It assumes that the 6th generation fighter will move at supersonic speed and have a semi-autonomous operation mode.

In his assumptions, Chris Osborne goes even further. What we have said so far is not such a significant innovation. But the fact that, according to Osborne, the next-generation fighter will have self-regulating functions is something that is of interest. The author claims that the fighter jet will generate new fighter coverage during flight or make new armor. Restoring structures and elements lost during combat will also be part of the fighter’s self-regulating capability.

Is such innovation possible?

The short answer is yes. The military industry is the largest generator of innovations that have been implemented and have already found application. The military sector is the largest generator of ideas in human history. American companies are already working on similar projects, and the Pentagon desires to anticipate future war tactics. Although such information is unknown and mysterious, fights are not waged by themselves, but by people. At least for now. We can explain that the next wars will be the three largest countries, the United States, Russia, and China, produced in the military industry.

Many private research sites are involved in the development of military products. Creative and innovative thinking is all around us. The Pentagon is trying to bring together (or at least under one idea). This symbiosis must explore the seemingly “impossible innovations.”

As Osborne writes – this is the case with the program Advanced Concepts and Technology or ACT of Ration. The program aims to unite, use, and optimize the best military innovations from the field’s best minds. Osborne says that Raytheon’s ACT gives severe indications that the 6th-generation fighter’s capabilities are as he describes them.

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Tay Fitzgerald says ACT is not a research house but a developer of innovations that should become part of the military industry. Tay Fitzgerald is the vice president of ACT at Ration. Fitzgerald’s words are not baseless. The ACT program is the developer of high-energy laser weapons (HELWS).

6th generation fighters will appear. It is inevitable. Just as it is unavoidable to work out a counteraction to them, but if Osborne is right in his claims, then the next generation of fighters will change not only the military industry but the industry as a whole in the world. Because we always say that defense companies and their know-how drive the modern world. And will continue to move it.


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