10 awesome weapons of the future

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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Scientific and technological advances are not always based on the idea of ​​making the world a better place. In our selection – 10 types of weapons of the future, which, we hope, will never have to be used.

Immortal synthetic organism. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has taken on an ambitious project called Biodesign. By combining engineering techniques with biological and chemical technologies, scientists plan to develop synthetic organisms that can live forever. These artificial creatures are genetically programmed to be immortal. It will be possible to turn them off using manual control. What other functions these organisms should have is not reported, but the fact that the project is receiving millions of dollars from the Pentagon suggests that immortal creatures will replace human soldiers on the battlefield.

The Magnetic Hydrodynamic Explosive Device (MAHEM) is another crazy DARPA idea. This type of weapon will be able to penetrate any enemy armor, even if the latter is found in a tank or in an armored personnel carrier, due to the use of liquid metal. It sounds like an episode from a fantastic blockbuster, but representatives of DARPA assure that the warhead of this weapon will be more accurate, better controlled and, as a result, much more effective than its predecessors.

The free electron laser (FEL) is used today for scientific purposes – for others, in particular, military tasks, the laser does not have enough power. But this does not stop the US Navy: over the past 10 years, millions of dollars have been allocated to develop the FEL as an air and missile defense weapon. Its peculiarity is the ability to automatically change the wavelength – this will improve the result taking into account weather conditions and changes in target characteristics.

The High Energy Laser Defense System (HELLADS) is a new laser system that the Pentagon has commissioned DARPA to develop. It is assumed that this small but incredibly powerful installation will be able to intercept and destroy enemy fire. The laser is capable of causing local damage to the missile, due to which it loses the ability to aim at the target or is completely destroyed.

A railgun, or rail gun, accelerates a conductive projectile along two metal guides: two parallel electrodes (“rails”) are connected to a powerful direct current source, an electrically conductive mass is placed between the rails, closing the electrical circuit, which acquires acceleration due to the Lorentz force. The shells themselves (of course, of destructive power) will be launched at an incredible speed, reaching up to 2.4 km / sec.

Corner Shot Launcher – setup for shooting from around a corner. The bending barrel, with the camera on one side and the screen on the other, allows you to aim without putting yourself at risk of getting a bullet in the head when looking out of cover.

The cyborg insects MEMS may fundamentally change the tradition of the spy novel genre: now intelligence can be collected by insects equipped with a micromechanical system. The device will be introduced into a living creature in the early stages of its development (when the insect is in a cocoon or in the pupal stage), programming it to collect information or detect explosives.

Silent weapons DREAD, using electric energy instead of gunpowder, will be deprived of such usual effects of firearms as recoil and a loud shot. The main combat characteristic of the DREAD machine gun is the ability to make 120 thousand revolutions per minute, like a centrifuge, silently firing a huge number of shots.

The unmanned aircraft Aurora Excalibur is capable of taking off and landing vertically, like a helicopter, with a speed of over 720 km / h. All this makes the Aurora Excalibur versatile in terms of use – the aircraft does not need a runway and is controlled from the ground without putting the pilot’s life at risk.

The XM-25 grenade launcher has already been used in combat, but remains a weapon of the future. The XM-25 is a computerized, electronically controlled 25mm grenade launcher. The projectile has a built-in computing unit that works out both the time and the distance set when programming the explosion. The XM-25’s prospects are not only in this fusion of computer and military equipment, but also in the versatility of the weapon.


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