Top 5 best firearms used in the Russian army in 2020

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MOSCOW, (BM) – There are many high-quality and powerful weapons in Russia, especially in the rifle category. It is difficult to guess which is the most preferable in the Russian army, many people think that this is the AK-47 and the Makarov pistol, because these are the weapons that are heard. In fact, this is not at all the case, and today in this rating you can find out about the weapons that Russian soldiers fell in love with and they are the most popular in the Russian army in 2020.

#5 – SAKO TRG 42, sniper rifle, Finland

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Russian anti-terrorist units have never concealed that their main weapon is precisely the Finnish sniper rifle, but snipers with other weapons were also seen. SAKO TRG 42 surpasses many Russian rifles, many recognize it as the best sniper rifle in the world. The weight of the weapon is 4.68 kilograms, the barrel is 66 cm long, and NATO cartridges with a caliber of 7.62 mm are used as the main ones. Sighting range can reach 1 kilometer, the magazine includes 5 rounds.

#4 – HK MP5, submachine gun, Germany

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Today this German submachine gun is used by many Russian special forces, including the FSB. The weapon has been going on since 1966, and it has gained popularity in many countries of the world, of course, it is constantly being improved and improved. Thanks to the barrel length of 22.5 centimeters, the weapon manages to generate about 650 Joules of muzzle energy. Compact dimensions are another advantage. Used cartridges of caliber 9 mm Parabellum, per minute such a submachine gun produces 800 shots, this does not include the time spent on reloading. Its sighting range reaches 200 meters, and the magazine is designed for 30 rounds.

#3 – PKP Pecheneg, machine gun, Russia

The coolest Russian machine gun is just a single “Pecheneg”, which was created on the basis of the Kalashnikov. On the bipod, its weight does not exceed 8.2 kilograms, it reaches 1155 millimeters in length, the trunk itself is 65.8 centimeters. The machine gun uses cartridges with a caliber of 7.62 millimeters, in 1 minute the weapon will fire 650 shots, with an initial bullet velocity of 825 meters per second. Sighting range “Pechenega” reaches 1.5 kilometers, but the maximum is all 3.8 kilometers. It feeds from a tape designed for 100 or 250 rounds. In general, compared to competitors, the machine gun has a clear advantage in compactness and weight, as well as strong alloys used as a material.

#2 – Glock 17, semi-automatic pistol, Austria

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The soldiers of the Russian army fell in love with this Austrian pistol for a long time, although initially the company that invented it did not even think about such popularity abroad. Russian engineers even tried to create an exact copy of the Glock 17, but their execution, however, was not entirely successful, to take the GSh-18, but it was not implemented in all Russian services and they continue to use the Austrian pistol, for example, the Alpha unit.

9mm caliber pistol, weighing 620 grams. Bullet speed 375 m / s, sighting range 50 meters. the store holds 17 rounds. At the moment, there are 5 generations of Glock 17 available, the last one presented in 2017.

#1 – АК-74М, assault rifle, Russia

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The most favorite assault rifle in the Russian army is the AK-74M, a true legend of firearms. This machine gun quickly spread around the world and infiltrated not only military, but also promising civilian weapons for self-defense. The modernized version of the AK-74 has received a lot of updates in its time. For example, a folding plastic stock, instead of heavy metal, the presence of fasteners and longitudinal threads.

The machine gun has a caliber of 5.45 millimeters, a bullet speed of 900 meters per second. The sighting range of a domestic machine gun reaches 1 kilometer. If you do not take into account the reload time, the AK-74M is capable of firing 650 rounds in one minute. The weapon weighs 3.9 kilograms. It is unlikely that the popularity of this machine will disappear.

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