Turkey warned of upcoming tests of the S-400 against the American F-35

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ANKARA, (BM) – On the territory of Turkey, in the near future, epic testing of one of the best fighters in the world against one of the best air defense systems may take place, learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing news agency Aviapro.

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We are talking about the confrontation between the fifth generation F-35 fighter and the Russian S-400 complex, which can be tested against each other. According the agency a US F-16 has lost such a confrontation, without even noticing that Turkish air defense systems were activated against it.

At the moment, it is known that American fifth-generation F-35 fighters regularly fly through Turkish airspace, performing rotation in the Middle East. Considering the fact that a similar situation happened with the F-16, experts believe that it will not be long before the S-400 guidance systems on the American F-35s are tested, and the readers of the Haber 7 have clearly hinted at this.

“The US sponsors terrorism and kills civilians. Don’t worry, we will test it on the F-35 as well,” reads one of the comments to an article on the presence of Russian S-400 complexes in Turkey.

Israel could overtake Turkey and conduct the tests in question even sooner

The lifting of the international embargo on the purchase of weapons by Iran could lead to the fact that Tehran will begin to acquire air defense [air defense] and fighters from Moscow and Beijing.

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In 2019 Iran made attempts to acquire the S-400 Triumph from Russia, but the latter rejected this offer. “But if the arms embargo ends, Moscow could seize the opportunity to sell Tehran the S-400, as well as fighters and other weapons,” some experts said.

According to them “given the impending dangers, the [United States] Department of Defense and the Israel Defense Forces are preparing for whatever [possible] might happen.”

As an example of such training, the military magazine Breaking Defense cites the joint exercises of the military departments of the countries to practice the F-35 Lightning II strikes against “complex air defense systems and enemy fighters before [the upcoming] defeat of ground targets.”

“In a variety of real-world situations, the F-35 will have to defeat the Iranian air defense system and fighters to facilitate direct or indirect weapon strikes against ground targets,” writes Breaking Defense.

However, Turkey is testing the S-400 on stealth technology and the results are clearly in favor of the Russian system

As we reported on July 6 Turkey tested the delivered Russian S-400 Triumph on fifth-generation American fighters, according the Evening Courier and Fighter Jets World magazines.

According to the magazine’s article the test results were not disclosed, but judging by the lack of complaints, it can be assumed that the country is completely satisfied with the complexes.

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We are talking about the Russian S-400 air defense systems deployed at the Myurt airbase. Triumphs were tested at least three times on American stealth. AviaPro news agency indicates that not only F-35 aircraft, but also more classified F-22s appeared in the detection range of systems.

Fifth generation fighters were sent to rotation in the Middle East through the Black Sea and directly Turkey. Their route ran approximately 170-200 kilometers from the Turkish Air Force Airbase Myurt. Therefore, the Turkish side had a great opportunity to test the complexes for aerodynamic purposes.

“The Russian Federation supplied Turkey with two batteries of the S-400 system from July to September. S-400s are currently based at Myrted Air Base, located near the Turkish capital. Tests are scheduled to continue until the end of the year” Fighter Jets World magazine informed.

The Turkish department reported that Russian systems are being deployed and tested. It is likely that they are already ready for combat duty. However, it is possible that Turkey wants to get NATO approval to avoid criticism.

Opinions differ, but some journalists say the F-35 will handle the S-400 without any problems

According to some Vietnamese journalists of Dat Viet newspaper, the Russian military had enough time to demonstrate the fact of the discovery of F-35 fighters, while the latter were in the detection zone of radar equipment, however, now, obviously, it should be assumed that it is the Russian S -400 should be wary of the American F-35.

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“According to a military source in the US, there is no reason for the F-35 to be afraid of Russian air defense systems, especially the S-400 system deployed in Syria. This is indicated by the fact that the F-35 continues to operate near Syria, despite the S-400, and perhaps the S-400 is worth the fear of the capabilities of the F-35″ DatViet report said.

“On several occasions when Russia and China claimed that their radar captured the F-35 while operating at a distance equivalent to a fourth-generation fighter, the United States took a deliberate act to conceal the true capabilities of the stealth aircraft” Vietnamese journalist said.

According to them [journalists – ed.] this is due to the fact that often the F-35 while in normal flight always carry equipment that increases their radar visibility. In this case, the “stealth” 5th generation fighter is no different from the 4th generation fighter.

But when it comes to combat, when the F-35 flies at low altitude, things are completely different, as the F-35I Adir airstrikes have already demonstrated. The implementation of attacks on Syrian territory did not meet any reaction from either Syrian or Russian air defense.

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