All weapons in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare [part 1]

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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Many people remember Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, and personally, I find its sci-fi setting quite elaborate, especially in terms of weapons.

I myself am a fan of science fiction and I am interested in the development of existing technologies in the future. To open new guns in this game, you need to find and scan them.

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After finding all the barrels, you will receive the Expert Weaponsmith achievement, as well as a legendary achievement and 30G or a legendary trophy.

There are 22 locations in CoD: Infinite Warfare where you can find rare weapons.

Some weapons drop randomly from enemies, and some have a fixed location where they need to be found. When you pick up a new weapon, it is automatically scanned.

All weapons found can be tested at the spaceship shooting range.

The game features two types of weapons – ballistic and energy, for use in isolated rooms and in open space.

Let’s start!

Karma-45 (Submachine gun)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

Karma-45 is a ballistic submachine gun. Has two magazines for faster tactical reloading. Visually, the PP is similar to the Kriss Vector from our time and previous games in the series. As discussed earlier, the difference is a double magazine. The weapon carries the Japanese word (黒 死 病), which translates as “Black Death”. Manufacturer: Kendall Ballistics.

Volk (Assault Rifle)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

Wolf is an energy assault rifle. Looks like an evolved AK. In the game files, he calls it AKE – which, presumably, means AK Energetic.

By the way, the design resembled a machine gun from the movie “Elysium”, but there the “Kalash” is, in principle, ordinary, but with additional equipment.

Kbar-32 (Assault Rifle)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

Ballistic automatic assault rifle manufactured by Kendall Ballistics. A good mobile weapon that is more tailored for CQB. Combines high rate of fire with low weight, providing maneuverability and ease of shooting from the hip, which, in principle, brings it closer to the PP class.

EMC (Pistol)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

The Electro-Magnetic Compact (EMC) is a semi-automatic energy pistol. The weapon fires a 120 volt AC blast. The model is based on a real Springfield Armory XD pistol.

R.A.W. (Light machine gun)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

R.A.W. – light energy machine gun. Has a large-capacity energy cell (magazine) for continuous shooting. The upgraded version has a cylindrical magazine of increased capacity.

F-SpAr Torch (HEW)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

A heavy energy weapon developed at the UNSA (UN Space Alliance) laboratory on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Also, the prototype is made in a compact portable version. Fires a continuous beam of energy that targets enemies. The infantry is blown away. In multiplayer, the weapon is called the Steel Dragon.

Weapon technology is unknown, but bless you.

Mauler (Heavy Machine Gun)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

Automatic heavy ballistic weapons. An experimental device using a Gaussian delinker (splitter) that directs ultra-fast projectiles into a narrow channel for dense fire. Translation: “The Tormentor”.

Reaver (Shotgun)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

Semi-automatic ballistic shotgun manufactured by Kendall Ballistics. Has a drum magazine for quick triggering. Translation: “The kidnapper.”

Type-2 (Assault Rifle)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

Type 2 is an automatic energy rifle that has a unique feature: it can be split into two weapons that can be fired by akimbo (with two hands). However, the two weapons are not the same.

R3K (Assault Rifle)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

The energy rifle has a semi-automatic (burst of 3 shots) and an automatic firing mode that comes with the R3KT Prototype.

“REKT” sounds funny – “be defeated in a humiliating way.”

DCM-8 (Shotgun)

Photo credit: Call of Duty

Fully automatic energy shotgun of the SDF (Settlement Defense Front) faction. Rapid firepower is supported by a high capacity battery. The name is derived from the word “Decimate” – decimation.


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