Command of the Fifth Corps of the US Army is stationed in Poland

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WARSAW, (BM) – The command of the Fifth Corps of the US Army, formerly located in Germany, is stationed in Poland. The US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher announced the commencement of the command center’s activities today, learned

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The head of the Polish Ministry of Defense, Mariusz Blaszczak, called the decision to redeploy the American command to Polish territory the “crown” of actions related to the increase in the presence of US troops, reports RAI Novosti. He also added that last week, the United States and Poland finally agreed on their agreement on military cooperation.

As reported by, in June, Gazeta Prawna announced that two, not one thousand, US military personnel would be relocated to Poland.

It was also clarified that together with these servicemen, the command of the V corps of the US Army would be redeployed from Germany to Poland. In addition, it is planned to transfer 30 American F-16 Air Force fighters to Poland from the same place.

US troops are welcomе in Poland, the Polish Presidend said

It is possible that there will be more American soldiers in Poland, as everyone knows, I have good relations with the President of the United States Donald Trump – said President Andrzej Duda on June 10.

Duda on June 10 on Radio Gdańsk was asked, among others for comment on information about the possible withdrawal by the US from Germany of about 9,500 soldiers and reports that some of these US troops may be transferred to Poland.

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The president emphasized that in such cases “apart from the fact that we would like to invite us, it is obviously the decision of the American authorities”. “The US Army is welcome in Poland. It is the largest and strongest army in the world” – he added.

“It is a very strong guarantee of security. Especially in difficult times, when we have the smoldering armed conflict in Ukraine all the time, where Russia invaded Ukraine, where Russia occupies Crimea, where Russia de facto also occupies the Lugansk and Donetsk territories today. So it is visible manifestation of Russian imperialism, which began to return. In 2014 there was a great fear that it could go further and that the Baltic States could be attacked, and that perhaps even there would be an attempt to raise our hand on our state. And then these decisions were made to create advanced, strengthened presence on NATO’s eastern flank,” said Duda.

He explained that he devoted the first year of his presidency in 2016 to creating a strengthened presence on the eastern flank of NATO, bypassing all the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance and convincing the leaders of states to this concept.

“Today we have NATO troops stationed in Poland, including the United States. There are several thousand American soldiers. It is possible that there will be more. As everyone knows, I have good relations with the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. He understands the affairs of our part of Europe. He proved it many times in conversations with me. He showed an unusual orientation in what our history and our realities are. And I have no doubt that we can count on the support of the American side in building the security space of our part of Europe, also through the presence of American soldiers” he stated.

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He noted that the presence of American soldiers also increases the chance of American investment in Poland. “Where there is an American army, there also large American business willingly invests its money. Because it is a guarantee of security for them” – he said.


Poland is a state in Central Europe. The population is more than 38 million people, the territory is 312 679 km. Parliamentary republic, capital – the city of Warsaw. Ethnic Poles make up about 93% of the population, about 87% of the population are nominally Catholics.

The gross domestic product (GDP) in purchasing power parity (PPP) is $ 854.2 billion (2012 data). The average wage is around 800 euros. About a third of the working-age population is employed in industry.

It is customary to count the history of Poland since the adoption of Christianity in 966. The adoption of Christianity from Rome determined its entire subsequent history, which can be characterized as a struggle with Russia for dominance in Eastern Europe and in the Slavic world. In moments of strengthening of the Russian state, Poland, in whole or in part, fell under its influence, in moments of weakening – under the influence of the West.

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Poland is currently a member of the European Union and NATO. At the same time, despite the large-scale assistance from the European Union, it is pursuing a fairly independent policy from the EU, largely focusing on the United States. Recently, due to the right-wing and Eurosceptic sentiments in the Polish leadership, relations with the European Union and, in particular, with Germany are somewhat tense. Poland is pursuing an openly hostile policy towards Russia.


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