Serbia abandoned the idea for Russian S-400 and bought Chinese missile systems

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SOFIA, (BM) – Serbia has bought a new generation of Chinese FK-3 anti-aircraft missile systems, the state arms trading company Jugoimport SDPR JP said, learned citing news agency Dnevnik.

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This is the first country in Europe that will adopt this complex, which experts compare in parameters with the American “Patriot III”. The information is contained in the company’s annual report and was first noticed by the local media Balkanska bezbednosna mreza.

According to the report, these are 3 batteries from this complex, which has a range of 100 km and hits targets at an altitude of 50 to 27 thousand meters.

FK-3 is the export option of the Chinese medium-range system HQ-22, which was first shown in 2016 at the Zhuhai Air Show.

The deal is seen as a new signal to deepen Belgrade’s co-operation not only with Moscow but also with Beijing. The report of “Yugoimport” also indicates the purchase in 2019 of Chinese drones, on which weapons can be installed.

The first signals about the quality of Chinese air defense systems arrived from Syria

It should be noted that if we disregard political poles and biases, it makes sense for Serbia to buy Chinese air defense systems.

The first technical data and signals on the quality of Chinese weapons technology arrived in mid-April this year, when Syria decided to stop using Russian S-400 and Panzer-C1 radars and focus on the use of Chinese radarsin sync with S-400.

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As it turned out, the radars of Russian systems are completely unsuitable for hitting such targets [Israeli missiles – ed.]. However, unlike the Russian radars, the Chinese provide much higher efficiency – thanks to them, the latest Israeli attacks were repelled.

So, in recent times, the Syrian military has indeed begun to intercept Israeli missiles by Buk-M2E anti-aircraft missile systems, which may indicate the fact that the Pantsir-S air defense missile systems are indeed ineffective.

According to Chinese journalists, the most productive step for Syrian air defense systems will be the transition to Chinese radar equipment.

“Using the Chinese anti-stealth radar to identify the target and then launch the S-400 missiles, Israeli attacks could be successfully repelled,” the publication said.

Serbia is also the first in Europe to buy Chinese drones

The Ministry of Defense of Serbia announced on July 4, in the presence of the President of Serbia, Alexander Vučić, the official ceremony of acceptance of 6 new reconnaissance and strike UAVs CH-92A made in China.

As A. Vučić noted at the ceremony, UAVs acquired in China allow hitting targets from a distance of up to 9 km and at the same time conduct reconnaissance, determining the location of units and objects in the interior of the enemy’s territory. To date, the Serbian Armed Forces have received 18 missiles, but plan to acquire an additional batch.

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These ammunition is relatively inexpensive (according to unofficial information about 50 thousand dollars) and has already been used in conflicts, preserving the lives of crews when attacking the enemy.

The President also pointed out the importance of reaching an agreement with China on the transfer of technologies necessary for the gradual integration of the national Pegasus UAV into the armed forces.

The CH-92A is equipped with a pusher twin-blade propeller mounted in the rear, has a V-tail and a three-leg chassis. Serbian Armed Forces were the first in the region to acquire the CH-92A, whose range exceeds 250 km, the maximum flight altitude is 5000 m, and the speed is about 200 km / h. In the bow mounted observation unit.

Judging by the photo, FT-8C missiles were delivered along with the UAV (weight – about 18 kg, launch range – 6.8 km). CH-92A is a multifunctional system that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks, including reconnaissance, determining the coordinates of detected ground targets, automatically tracking moving ground targets, adjusting artillery fire and assessing the results of fire destruction, striking with laser-guided missiles, target designation by others laser-guided ammunition.

The maximum take-off weight of the basic version of the CH-92 developed by the Chinese state corporation China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is 300 kg, the payload mass is 60 kg, the wingspan is 8.1 m, the height is 1.6 m, the length is 4.3 m. The stated flight duration of this version is about 8 hours, height – up to 5950 m.

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According to unofficial data, the maximum take-off mass of the CH-92A UAV delivered by the Serbian Armed Forces is 380 kg, and the payload mass is 75 kg.


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