Popular online games dedicated to the greatest military conflicts and not only

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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Today we will present you some of the best military online games, based on events and military conflicts, as well as built on the rich imagination of the developers. Some of these games are free, others paid. Enjoy to our list.

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War thunder

One of the most popular, epic, beautiful and addicting online war games on PC, the action of which takes users to the most famous theaters of war of World War II.

Almost all types of military equipment (land, sea and air) that participated in the battles of that time are represented in War Thunder – over a thousand different models. Moreover, this list continues to grow up to the present moment due to the regular release of updates and custom content from War Thunder Live.

World of Warships

And one more insanely addicting online war game featuring reliable equipment – this time warships from the First and Second World War. More than 200 ships of various classes are available in total: cruisers, battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers and so on.

Each of the proposed ships can be upgraded at your discretion, and then rush into the thick of battles on one of more than 30 available maps with dynamically changing weather conditions. The variety of available modes is also pleasing, where, in addition to multiplayer battles, there are fascinating “Operations” and even “Scenario” with predetermined conditions and goals. Like War Thunder, World of Warships naval combat simulator is available for PC completely free of charge.

World of Tanks

The third great online game on our list dedicated to military equipment is the legendary World of Tanks. The battles take place here with the participation of dozens of real-life tanks and some other types of armored vehicles from the Second World War. One of the most entertaining tank simulators, designed for multiplayer battles between live players. The game is distributed under a free model.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield is one of the most popular series of online shooters about real military conflicts (and not only). Today, Battlefield 1, dedicated to the First World War, is one of the most popular online shooters of our time (although a single-player story campaign is also present here).

Battles take place on huge maps that perfectly convey the atmosphere of the First World War. In addition to fighters of various classes, player-controlled military equipment takes part in the battles: armored vehicles, light and heavy tanks, airships, airplanes, etc. There is even an opportunity to saddle a horse.

Heroes & Generals

A free online military game in the setting of World War II, where, in addition to infantry, various types of ground and air equipment controlled by players are fighting. There are 3 factions in the game: Germany, the USSR and the USA, each with its own unique classes, weapons and vehicles.

Moreover, Heroes & Generals has a very deep bias in tactics and strategy: in order to win, players need to capture key points that serve as places of resurrection after death and provide additional opportunities, for example, calling for reinforcements or additional resources for the production of equipment.

Conflict of Nations: World War 3

A global multiplayer strategy game that takes gamers to an alternative world in which the Third World War is raging. The players will have to control various units and military equipment and, moving their troops like pieces on the global map, capture enemy territories. Conflicts can be resolved not only by military means, but also by espionage, sabotage, or by concluding a temporary or permanent alliance.

An excellent strategy, military campaigns in which can stretch over several real days, because up to 140 opponents can fight on the world map at the same time.

Call of war

Online military strategy dedicated to World War II. Take control of any of the represented countries and lead it to the heights of world domination, changing key events of history on the fly. Moreover, for this it is not always necessary to shed blood and destroy cities – Call of War presents a whole range of trade and economic measures to achieve the desired goal. The game is free.

Supremacy 1914

Another popular online strategy on the topic of world military conflict, developed by Bytro Labs specifically for browsers. The setting of Supremacy 1914 is tied to the outbreak of World War I, and the main focus is on battles in which up to 500 players can take part simultaneously. The action takes place on a global map reflecting the geopolitical situation during the First World War. The game is free.


Massively multiplayer online war game (the setting is fictional), in which hundreds of players can take part simultaneously, divided into two factions. Moreover, the gameplay is so deep and varied that it includes elements of sandbox, strategy and action.

Each user here controls a single fighter, and all together they perform tasks characteristic of large-scale combat operations: they participate in battles, are engaged in planning, establish the production of equipment and weapons, supply the front, equip infrastructure, and so on.

World of warplanes

A free multiplayer flight simulator featuring aircraft from the Second World War. Dozens of realistic planes of the USSR, USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries await players. All vehicles are divided into 5 unique classes, depending on the tasks assigned to it. It is also possible to modify your aircraft by installing new weapons, additional equipment or replacing the original factory parts with more powerful ones.

Post Scriptum

A multiplayer tactical shooter set in the Second World War, which seeks to realistically convey the atmosphere and principles of the battles of that time. Historical accuracy of the environment (based on military maps and archival documents), realistic weapons and equipment, large-scale battles in 50×50 format, the inclusion of logistic supplies into the gameplay, the construction of fortifications, the participation of artillery and aviation, as well as the ability to parachute anywhere on the map – everything this has found a place in Post Scriptum.

Navy Field 2: Conqueror of the Ocean

Multiplayer military action with large-scale naval battles. Perhaps, in Navy Field 2: Conqueror of the Ocean, battles involving ships and aircraft turned out to be some of the most spectacular and believable. All thanks to the fact that they happen in real time with amazing visual and sound effects, to the majestic epic music.

The ships themselves are made in full 3D based on real prototypes, while taking into account all the smallest details of the design of the originals and fully reflecting their technical features. The game is free.

World war 3

World War III is one of the worst nightmares of our contemporaries. Polish developers from The Farm 51 decided to turn it into a virtual form, embodying it in the multiplayer shooter World War 3. I must say, it turned out quite convincingly: battles take place on huge locations that represent world famous places, and the fighters use the whole range of modern military-technical means and weapons. There are ample opportunities for customization in World War 3. Among the downsides are poor optimization and extremely unstable servers. But all this is fixable.

Steel ocean

Free online war game (World War II), which focuses on sea battles. A huge number of ships of that time and exciting PVP and PVE modes await players.

Armored warfare

Tank shooter with multiplayer battles, distributed on a shareware model. In total, the game features more than a hundred combat vehicles of various classes, which are prototypes of modern military equipment.

Holdfast: Nations At War

Holdfast: Nations At War is a fun multiplayer shooter set in the era of the Napoleonic Wars. Epic battles with over 100 people at the same time, which take place both on land and at sea.

Hell let loose

A first-person shooter that grabs attention with the realism of what is happening. But in the end and not only this: there are realistic maps modeled on aerial photography and satellite data, extremely dynamic and brutal battles, division into roles (reconnaissance, infantry and armored units), a tactical component.

Together, these and other details will impress not only virtual war veterans, but also ordinary gamers looking for interesting online war games.


A tactical first-person shooter with similar mechanics to Hell Let Loose (but in fairness, Squad came out much earlier). Players will take part in massive battles for 100 players, in which they will be able to build fortifications, control military equipment and use all kinds of weapons to achieve their goals.

The tactical component plays an important role. Gamers are divided into groups, which have commanders who are able to determine the strategy. Thus, by coordinating with each other, the players will easily prevail.

Day of infamy

The action of this game is based on the events of the Second World War. You will fight in a Europe ravaged by war. Everything is in the best traditions of the genre: an abundance of weapons (and the possibility of their modification), many game modes, gloomy locations. You can fight for one of three sides: the USA, the Wehrmacht, the British Commonwealth. By winning battles, players will be able to get promoted in rank.

Another great online shooter in our selection that you should pay attention to.


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