Call of Duty: Warzone – the best assault rifles in the game [Season 4]

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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Assault Rifles are by far the most versatile and most numerous weapon class in Call of Duty: Warzone. They are reliable, efficient at any distance, and boast a variety of assemblies.

Our guide to the best assault rifles in Warzone will show you the stats of all 11 examples. Below, we’ll take a look at each assault rifle from best to worst in the current meta [after the Grau nerf] and cover everything you need to know.

The performance characteristics of assault rifles in Warzone

The Grau is currently the overall best assault rifle in Warzone. Previously overshadowed by the venerable M4A1, Grau has slowly made his way to the top of the list, mainly due to its low recoil. And the recent nerf hasn’t influenced his dominance that much.


The RAM-7 is a submachine gun disguised as an assault rifle. She’s good on paper and in combat; hits as painfully as the M4A1, and almost at the same speed as the M13.

The disadvantage of the RAM-7 is recoil, the barrel deviates quite sharply to the left – and jumps quite strongly between shots. You can cover up this flaw with the right mods, and in regular Modern Warfare, that should be enough. But in Warzone, it’s better to take more controlled and ranged weapons.

Grau 5.56 is the best assault rifle in Warzone

If you’ve seen a seasoned player using a fully equipped Grau, then you’ll understand why this one seems to us the best. A recent nerf has slightly reduced its effective range, but the correct build will allow it to shoot enemies even at sniper ranges.

With this kind of precision, the relatively low DPS really doesn’t matter. Expand your store, increase the range, and your rocks will have a contender for the title of the most powerful weapon in Verdansk.

FAL – the new meta?

After patch 1.23, FAL became imba, from the word at all. That is why, we will show the assembly of Recrent, with which he breaks the card from the reed.

We know that many are annoyed that FAL is rated so low. Just keep in mind that the eight Assault Rifles discussed above are ranked according to the current Warzone season. There are only minor differences between them.

FAL is not even able to stand on a par with Oden. The semi-automatic puts it next to sniper rifles like the EBR-14 and SKS – and then any of them can be preferred to this instance. It is still a deadly rifle, but it did not deserve a place higher.


The once great M4A1 has seen better days, all due to recent nerfs. It is still a wonderful and powerful rifle; she just can no longer claim to be the undisputed assault rifle champion in Warzone. But the glory days aside, the M4 is still alive and well and strikes a great balance between DPS and handling.

Good iron sites (?) And a variety of trunks play into the hands. Not to mention the fact that you can create a decent build without wasting time pumping. M4A1 can compete with other rifles in almost any conditions.


M13’s damage is like a mosquito. But thanks to its unrivaled rate of fire, this assault rifle kills quite quickly. And that’s not all: it is also almost the only cannon that can match the Grau in recoil.

The M13 has to be built for the firing range, because you need to minimize the damage drop. With these parameters, the M13 will easily become one of the deadliest rifles in Verdansk.


When you get shot at with Oden, it hurts. It hurts more than any other rifle, and even more than any other automatic system in the game. Even at its maximum distance, you can take down 250 HP with 4-7 shots. And this is insanely small.

And what in return? Low rate of fire and high recoil. But the rate of fire can not be increased, and the recoil is reduced by the necessary modifications. Most Warzone players still underestimate Oden, preferring to take Grau or M13 into battle. Make them regret it and show how much pain Oden can bring.


The new CR-56 AMAX is high on our list, and honestly, it’s not bad. The reloading speed here leaves much to be desired, but once you get used to that of machine guns, this no longer seems to be a problem.

It is unlikely that AMAX will surpass the top three in the near future, but it will easily overtake the impressive AK-47. Same damage indicators, but higher rate of fire and lighter recoil. As usual in Warzone, this cannon should increase its range, install a monolithic suppressor and the longest barrel; after that, you will be surprised how quickly it mows enemies at long distances.


The AK-47 has been a favorite in Modern Warfare multiplayer, and it’s still dangerous in Warzone. Like Oden, it has a high damage rate, but suffers from a strong recoil, which should be taken into account when assembling.

But what’s best about the AK-47? Reload speed. Surprisingly, the AK-47 reloads faster than any other weapon in Warzone. You can go a little crazy and put the Sleight of Hand perk, reducing this indicator to a ridiculous 0.8 seconds. This is just crazy.

Kilo 141

Rounding out the Holy Trinity of laser-accurate rifles, the Kilo 141 is an amazing weapon that, unfortunately, is quite a bit inferior to the Grau in almost every way. But this “almost” is very important. To see the true value of the Kilo 141, you need to look at its modifications.

What do we have here? Drum magazine for 100 rounds? Now we’ll have some fun! The Kilo 141 is now on the borderline between an assault rifle and a machine gun – comfort, control and enough bullets to smash an entire team without reloading.


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