American arms lobby ‘woke up’ in India to sell the idea of possible F-35 purchase

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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – The American arms lobby has awakened in India. How else? The tension between China and Pakistan, which adjoins it [or vice versa, something is constantly happening there, and you cannot understand in this triangle, “who first started”] against India, is growing. India has traditionally been friends with Russia in terms of arms.

But, here the friendship of the Russian Federation and the PRC plunged them into a “thought”, shook the confidence in the inviolability of peace and harmony between Moscow and New Delhi. This happened far from yesterday and, during this time, the very lobby of foreign suppliers has taken root and “bloomed in a riotous color”.

And then it’s easier and more stable. The lobby in parliament and in the press is working out its funding. And now there are a lot of publications about the possible refusal by India of Russian tanks, aircraft and all in the same vein. Sometimes, it’s even possible to “run into high-quality” and government agencies cave in.

Then, for example, four-year-old contracts with France for the supply of Rafale fighters arise. But time passes and everything is “leveled” – the French increase the cost [and are “not sour” against the original], break the deadlines [there are still no new “fashionable” planes], “bark” at intergovernmental levels.

“Where to go to the poor peasant?” On the thumb, to Russia. And so it happened. Urgently flew in, boarded, discussed, made public, flew away. They are preparing to buy S-400 air defense systems, heavy Su-30s and lighter MiG-29s.

They even talk about the possibility of joint production of the MiG-35. All print media criticizing these systems and machines are “sent along an erotic route.” As the saying goes, “roasted cock comes from the rear?”

But how many and whom do not “send”, if you cannot back up with concrete deeds [a magic kick to the “dungeons” or accomplished real purchases] – they will definitely return and will again “convey the truth-womb” to minds.

So today.

In India, media started talking that the country would not buy Su-57 from Russia at all. And what was this car given to them? Yes, apparently, because after all, the Su-30 and MiG-29 will not be “canceled” already? But the Su-57 is really still in question.

That plane that is, India does not want to take – crude. He doesn’t want to produce together, because he doesn’t want to share technology. Su-57 “second wave” is likely to be a decent car, but here’s the price. The same media forecast it at 150-200 million dollars for the device.

What to do? “Right” Indian media say that India will abandon Russian cars in favor of the American F-35. Indeed, India will not refuse from the “fifth generation”. Lobby, of course, it fulfills money.

But there is an example already on the planet. And not so far and long ago the action took place. Turkey bought the S-400 and was immediately broken off with the F-35. The placement of S-400 on combat duty in Syria disrupted the calm life of F-35 pilots in Israel, and also led to the cessation of flights from NATO bases in Greece.

They are afraid that the radars will be declassified and see the whole background of their “fifth generation”, “invisible” to anyone. And then suddenly the Yankees will sell. Why?

And the price is a loose concept. It is from unofficial sources – this time. Have you already canceled interstate loans? These are two. In Turkey, we also deliver air defense systems on credit and build Akkuyu NPPs on credit. And then we will clamp down on a long-term and profitable partner both discounts and loans?

So, the obstacles here are not in India at all, who are trying to invent and activate “interested” people in India. Here, rather, a “test of strength” of the Russian-Chinese “friendship forever” will occur.

Well, the Chinese media and lobby are worth listening and looking at.

The idea of buying an F-35 from India came from ‘Indian and Chinese sources’

According to various military sources in India, as well as according to the Chinese publication Sohu, there is a high probability that India will abandon the acquisition of the Russian Su-57 Super Sukhoi and move to the American F-35, as we reported on July 2.

The high cost of the upgraded version of the Russian Su-57 Super Sukhoi fighter, and the purchase of the basic version of the Indian Air Force is not considered due to the “dampness” of this version.

The Su-57 purchase could be unbearable for India, betting that the first deliveries of this combat aircraft are planned only in five years, in this connection, India began to consider the possibility of acquiring the American F-35A.

According to some reports, the cost of the upgraded version of the Su-57 will vary from 150 to 200 million dollars, and given the fact that India plans to acquire several hundred fifth-generation fighters, it is obvious that we are talking about billions of dollars.

Given that the export value of American F-35s is about 120-140 million dollars, and this combat aircraft was seen performing military operations, India is likely to really abandon Russian fighters.

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Su-57 of the second stage, which is planned to be released in 2024, is the“ real Su-57. At the current stage, the Su-57 can only be considered a pre-production Su-57, and its degree of completion is relatively low. Even the Russian Air Force does not want to receive them in large quantities” experts said.

“At this stage, the Su-57 with a very low degree of readiness will obviously not be accepted by the Indian Air Force, so even if India wants to buy a Su-57 fighter, it will have to wait at least until the second stage fighter appears around 2025. If India wants to buy a fifth-generation car in five years, the F-35A/B is the most ideal choice. The likelihood of buying a Su-57 is very small. As for the value of the Russian export fighter for India, it is inexpedient for the Russians not to demand more than 150 million US dollars.” Sohu reports.

Earlier, India abandoned the joint development of a fifth-generation fighter with Russia, declaring its low efficiency and overpriced.

The American arms lobby was also active on another front – confronting the already purchased Russian fighters

On June 22 David Ax [Forbes columnist – ed.] notes that all new fighters are part of the effort to increase the air force from 28 front-line squadrons to 40, the number of which New Delhi considers sufficient to fight simultaneously with Pakistan and China.

“These 28 squadrons fly on a stunning variety of fighters, including Indian and Russian types, the French Mirage 2000s and Rafales, and European Jaguars,” recalls an observer for the American publication.

Tom Cooper, an author and aviation expert, expressed his surprise that the Indian Air Force wants the Su-30 and MiG-29 to meet the extraordinary requirements for a pair of aircraft squadrons. Su-30, although it seems impressive on paper, in comparison with Western models does not have performance and combat efficiency.

David Ax explains that Cooper’s point of view is this: for decades, the Mirage 2000 was a more effective fighter in the Indian service than the Su-30. Rafale, the successor to the French-made Mirage, is also one of India’s finest fighters. However, the Indians ordered a total of 36 Rafale.

“The Su-30 not only does not have the latest high-precision air-to-ground ammunition, but also does not work well with high-altitude air bases supporting Indian operations along the so-called border,” the Forbes publication says.

The lighter MiG-29 is better suited for the Indian Air Force than the Su-30. However, this does not mean that the old MiG is the right choice for New Delhi.

“So why, faced with the advancing Chinese army, the Indian Air Force wants to get Russian fighters?” – the observer of the American edition wonders.


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