Qualified immunity – Who benefits from street war in the US?

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WASHINGTON, (BM) – Walking amid dilapidated buildings and burnt cars, soldiers with assault rifles in their hands – this is not a picture from the “prosperous” under the democratic control of Washington, Iraq, but today’s reality of the United States itself. Riots, arson, looting, vandalism, burning national flags, attacks on police stations swept several states and dozens of cities where curfews were imposed. What is happening in the United States raises several questions at once, the most topical of which, perhaps, are reflections on whether racism really poses a serious problem for the United States today and whose interests are more suited to the paroxysm of American street violence?

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The death of George Floyd once again demonstrated the deep division of American society into adherents of the democratic camp and supporters of Donald Trump. Political opponents agree that the murder of Floyd by the police is, of course, a crime, but they broadcast radically opposite views on the background of the events.

American liberals point to the transformation of US law enforcement into a privileged class that does not bear any responsibility for its abuse. Most liberal media outlets described Floyd’s assassination as a manifestation of systemic racism by the police, whose public trust has long been undermined. But the problem goes beyond so called “Qualified immunity”, allowing government officials and law enforcement officials to avoid prosecution for discretionary acts as part of their official duties. The coronavirus pandemic has led to new prohibitions and regulations that further expand the powers of the police and, therefore, are increasingly provoking them to manifest unjustified brutality.

Trump supporters agree that blacks in the US are still less educated than whites, living in worse conditions, disproportionately often imprisoned and dying from Covid-19, but point out that most black Americans today have homes and mortgages, good jobs, including in government, and in general, they and their children are embedded in modern American life at a level that could not have been imagined at the time of Martin Luther King Jr. Although the centers of African-American poverty still remain, the total poverty of the black ghettos, the lawlessness and hopelessness of that period have practically disappeared today.

Minneapolis is considered one of the most progressive cities in the United States, led for decades by mayor democrats who, under the city’s charter, have complete control over the police department. Democrats also dominate the city council. Minnesota is governed by a Democratic Governor and is considered one of the mainstays of the Democratic Party. The fact that a disgusting episode of police brutality occurred precisely here indicates that a lot of things are happening in Minneapolis and similar “blue” cities that are not consistent with liberal discourse.

The left-wing American establishment, from politicians to Hollywood stars to the media, has been telling Americans the last three years that Trump was dishonest, that he was a racist and a traitor to American interests. In this war, the racial question becomes one of the instruments for weakening the opposing side, but it must be used with extreme caution. In Atlanta (also run by Democrats), the left-liberal mouthpiece of CNN, one of Trump’s most implacable enemies, suddenly discovered the immutability of ancient wisdom: what you sow is what you will reap when the thugs burst into the headquarters of the company, driven by a thirst for corporate blood. The CNN reporter must have experienced considerable cognitive dissonance, reporting live from the streets of one of the American cities and getting a bottle on the head at the very moment when he told viewers about a “mostly peaceful demonstration.”

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One gets the impression that the protests in the United States would not have reached such an intensity, despite all the indignation in society with the brutal death of George Floyd and the energy accumulated during the time of self-isolation, if not for the participation of well-organized left-wing extremists. The American media, for all the talk about right-wing racism and white radicals, paid a little attention to the left-wing anarchist underground, which had long been organizing its “fighting” units, ideologically united and trained.

Earlier we raised this topic, and today the extreme left in America is considering banks, police stations and even expensive cars as symbols of corrupt institutions that must be destroyed. Why would ordinary Minneapolis citizens set fire to libraries and offices? In the video and photo of the “peaceful” American protests that quickly grew into street riots, you can, for example, notice people in black masks with headphones, army gas masks and backpacks full of Molotov cocktails. You can play this exciting game together, and social networks are full of examples of undercover policemen who also seek to marginalize protests in real street riots. Left-wing radicals and government agents are, in theory, acting in the interests of the all-out Big Brother, and quite rightly, a recent article in The New York Times gives examples of how street riots have historically served to empower state suppression of any protest.

On Saturday, Trump accused the American antifa of violence and vandalism, and on Sunday the president threatened that their organizations would be marked as terrorist with all the ensuing consequences. The pro-Republican FOX News rebuked the Democratic governors for deliberately delaying the crackdown on street riots, while former Obama adviser Susan Rice announced a “Russian training manual” that could run the riots. According to Rice, she came to this belief based on “her own experience.”

One of the main issues on the current agenda in the US remains the problem of the November elections and how the main rivals in the person of Donald Trump and Joe Biden will take advantage of the outbreak of street violence. Less than six months before the election, Trump faces perhaps the most important challenge in his political career: the coronavirus pandemic, which has already claimed the lives of 100,000 Americans, the economic problems, the muscle war with China, which once again raises the issue of racism in American society – all this seriously complicates the presidential election campaign.

According to a recent poll from The Washington Post and ABC News, Biden is ten points ahead of Trump in registered voters’ preferences, 53% versus 43%. At the same time, a Quinnipiac Poll poll shows that 81% of African Americans prefer the former vice president. But not everything is as rosy for the favorite of the Democrats as it seems. Firstly, Biden’s personal rating decreased by seven points compared to last fall, and secondly, 88% of black voters were ready to vote for Hillary Clinton four years ago, but this did not help her much, because the turnout of African-Americans in 2016 was significantly decreased compared to Obama’s time, and thirdly, 84% of Trump’s electorate is extremely mobilized and ready to take part in the elections, while only 68% of Biden’s supporters are determined to come to the polls or vote by mail.

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Trump’s electoral fund is two times larger than Biden’s, now the US president is three times ahead of the competitor in the amount of political advertising. In general, the presidential campaign 2020 is marked by a serious bias in the “figure”, that is, the advanced electronic electoral technologies that the Trump headquarters uses more actively than its competitors. Trump’s strategy aims to translate two ideas: first of all, the argument that his treatment of the pandemic has saved millions of lives, and the promise that Trump will lead to an “American comeback” in the form of strong growth in the national economy in the third and fourth quarter. The head of the White House is in desperate need of good news, so the successful launch of Crew Dragon to the ISS was an excellent positive occasion to distract the internal audience from the negative agenda. So far, Biden’s main message has been focused on turning the election into a Trump referendum. Observers note that, against the backdrop of all the Trump wars with social networks, Biden’s best way would be to turn to a weary American society with a message permeated with a spirit of calm and wisdom.

However, Sleepy Joe himself continues to make mistakes that suggest the banal dementia of a democratic candidate. In particular, leaving the basement, Biden tried to ride a fashionable hype wave on the topic of protests and gave an interview to The Breakfast Club, a popular radio program in the African American community, in which he managed to say:

“If you cannot decide who you are with me or Trump, then you are not black.”

Such arrogant behavior of Biden, who made it clear that he knows better than the blacks themselves what they need, was somewhat shaken by the established narrative that black voters are invariably loyal to the Democratic Party’s electorate.

One of Biden’s vice presidential candidates, Senator Amy Klobushar, according to The Washington Post, as chief prosecutor of Hannepin County (which includes Minneapolis) from 1998 to 2006 refused to bring charges against police officers in more than two dozen cases where their hands were killed by locals. At one time, the future senator was even nicknamed “Klobokop”. Over the weekend, new evidence of harassment by Biden against the wives and girlfriends of his maintenance staff and guards was released. In general, a democratic presidential candidate has so many skeletons in his closet that even a seemingly favorable topic with protests on American streets does not guarantee his election.

From the sidelines, the events taking place in the United States today suggest that the gerontocratic establishment of the Democrats and Republicans represents a national psychological crisis provoked by the fact that the two main political parties clashed in an irreconcilable conflict ten years ago and are in no way willing or unable to move forward. The summer of 2020 in the United States will be truly hot in every sense.


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