Iran blames the U.S. for violence in Iraq; A war is coming in Libya; US to help against Iran

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Iran’s Khamenei strongly condemns U.S. attacks in Iraq – TV

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei strongly condemned U.S. attacks on Iran-allied militia group in Iraq, Iranian state TV reported on Wednesday, blaming the United States for the violence in the neighbouring country.

“The Iranian government, nation and I strongly condemn the attacks,” state TV quoted Khamenei as saying.

The U.S. military carried out air strikes on Sunday against the Kataib Hezbollah militia in response to the killing of a U.S. civilian contractor in a Friday rocket attack on an Iraqi military base.

U.S. President Donald Trump accused Iran of orchestrating violent protests at the U.S. embassy in Iraq on Tuesday and said Tehran would be held responsible. Iran has rejected the accusation.

Polish expert predicts a new big war in Libya

Although 2019 can be considered an “interesting time” in the Middle East and North Africa, the coming 2020 promises to be even more entertaining, writes Polish journalist Vitold Repetovich on the website Defense24.

The events of the end of 2019 indicate that the situation in Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean could lead to a widespread armed conflict, the author notes.

“This is the result of Turkey’s attempt to take control of Cypriot gas fields and the entire basin of the Eastern Mediterranean, including the intersection of transit lines in the region through which Egypt, Israel and Cyprus intend to send gas to Europe” claims Mr. Repetovich.

Ankara, he said, decided to protect the government in Tripoli at all costs from falling under the pressure of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. This could lead to a new big war.

Israeli media: Israel will not have to confront pro-Iranian forces alone, the US will help

Israel will no longer have to confront pro-Iranian forces alone, and the United States has returned to the power game in the Middle East to help, The Jerusalem Post writes.

The other day, “precision airstrikes hit several targets in Iraq and Syria, allegedly belonging to the Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah combat group, killing dozens of militants during the attack.

These attacks happened two days after more than thirty missiles flew into the K1 Iraqi military base in Kirkuk, killing a US civilian contractor and injuring dozens of Iraqi and American troops. The Pentagon called retaliation attacks on militants “accurate defensive strikes,” which “worsen” the ability of enemies to conduct attacks against coalition forces.

Missile fire and subsequent retaliatory strikes in the Al Qa’imah area are the latest peak of tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Both Israel and the United States constantly warn, The Jerusalem Post emphasizes that Iran and its militants are the biggest threat to peace in the region and hope to weaken Tehran’s growing influence in the Middle East in general and in the Persian Gulf in particular. However, the text says, the Americans did not respond to Iran and its related forces until a United States citizen died.

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