Pakistan Has Fired Its Own Ballistic Missile, India Thinks It’s Dangerous

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ISLAMABAD, (BM) – The Pakistan Army has successfully launched a ground-based ballistic missile capable of carrying several nuclear warheads, learned

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The rocket is called Shaheen-I and is Pakistani-made, with the ability to strike targets at a radius of 650 km.

Several Indian media have reported that this range of missile is quite dangerous as it can hit several Indian cities directly.

Analysts note that the missile tests were conducted during an escalating tension between India and Pakistan, fearing that the escalation would escalate into something more dangerous.

According to some Pakistani media, the missile test was part of a larger training exercise “aimed at testing the operational readiness of the command of the Pakistan Army’s strategic forces”.

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“The launch was aimed at testing the operational readiness of the Army Strategic Forces Command (ASFC), which guarantees Pakistan’s minimal but credible capabilities,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. “The troops showed a high standard of handling and operation of a powerful weapon system,” it says

It should be noted that the Pakistani ballistic missile test is perhaps the answer to the Agni-II night test conducted a few days ago by which the Indian Army conducted a medium-range surface-to-surface missile test with nuclear capabilities.

What Shaheen 1 ballistic missile is?

Shaheen I is a short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) with an optimal range of 650 km and propelled by a two-stage solid-fuel rocket motor.

The Shaheen I can deliver either a conventional or a nuclear payload much faster than liquid fuelled missiles such as the Ghauri because it does not need to be fuelled before launch, reducing deployment time significantly.

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The Shaheen I is believed to be very accurate;

Pakistani military sources state a CEP of 25 to 50 m can be achieved, partly due to a “post-separation attitude correction system.”

This system would allow the missile to modify its trajectory, improving accuracy and, along with the stealthy warhead shaping, giving some capability to evade missile defence systems.

It is based on terminal guidance system technology, which improves warhead accuracy by firing small thrusters to adjust the warhead’s trajectory and uses satellite navigation systems to help find the target.

Such systems would allow the Shaheen to be used against strategic targets without requiring a nuclear warhead to ensure the target’s destruction.

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According to other sources, the CEP of Shaheen I is 200 meters.

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