The Breakthrough of Bulgarian NRA Server Threatens National and European Security

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PANAGYURISHTE, (BM)“The hacker attack has in all cases a political effect and affects national security” the Interior Minister Mladen Marinov told journalists, learned

He also said that, according to the initial information of the investigators, including State Agenyc of National Security (SANS), the National Revenue Agency (NRA is a part of Ministry of Finance) server breakthrough occurred a month ago and links the attack with the F-16 purchase from the United States.

After a Dnevnik question, whether there is other evidence of interference from Russia in addition to the hacker’s mail that is registered in the Russian Yandex service, the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov said that this is a conspiracy theory on which there is work but no other data. recalls that on Monday this week anonymous email to some media was spreading personal data to millions of citizens and businesses. The 57-folder of over 1 million rows contains PINs, names, addresses, and even earnings. According to the authors, the information is extracted from one of the servers of the Ministry of Finance.

The hacked data from the Bulgarian server threatens both national and European security, because there is a personal data of foreigners, the tax secrets of “non-Bulgarian” companies and even the delicate information that the tax offices of the EU countries exchange over the Eurofisc network.

Even more worrying is that there are “selections” on a variety of signs, including political ones. There are, for example, separate tables of “profession” names – for judges, prosecutors, personal doctors, footballers, private enforcement agents, etc. The information is so much that it will take time to review all folders and files.

Today, the alleged hacker behind the Bulgarian NRA attack send a email to some media.

“Hello and thank you for making the public discussion happening … I only send this email to bTV, NOVA and” Capital “because I only saw real journalism from these media. Yesterday, a NOVA journalist wrote and asked three questions. I’m glad to reveal details of this breach so your corrupt government does not lie to you.”

“Data spill has been going on for 11 years.

If your corrupt government reveals the vulnerable system, you will be able to see this information in the Web Archive (Web Wayback Machine). The data is hacked in 2012, too. Nobody then realized that we were able to infiltrate 30 GB of information.” This writes in the email the hacker who committed the attack.

The hacker reveals that he is a Russian citizen married to a Bulgarian.

“My wife’s parents live in Bulgaria, and with my own eyes I have seen how much your state is screwed up,” the hacker said

“Your stupid judges will find nothing. They will just conceal the truth. If this happens, I will personally upload the information in Russian and Bulgarian torrent trackers, so everyone can download it freely. If the media I contact is publishing false information, I will uncover two more datasets – again from the Ministry of Finance,” the e-mail said. It was sent from an email address other than the one from which the hacked data was received.

Perhaps this is the biggest leak of personal data in Bulgaria. That’s how the 57-folder contains more than a thousand files that anonymous hackers sent to Bulgarian media on Monday.

The hacker or hackers claim that they attacked the server of the National Revenue Agency and stole the personal details of over 5 million Bulgarian citizens, BNR reported.

Much of the information is old and reflects reports from more than a decade ago. In others, it can not be determined from when the data is. But some of the files contain new entries even from June, which suggests that the breakthrough was made soon.

For most files, it’s hard to tell exactly what data they contain. They are in CSV format and apparently are exported from databases – columns are named with code numbers or short explanations. Therefore, without decryption, there is no way to know what is behind them.

According to the anonymous mail, this is not the entire dataset. It says that 57 out of over 110 compromised databases are presented. There are no reasons why and how exactly these are selected, as well as what the content of the others is or whether they will also be published.

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