The U.S. Continues to Have a Destabilizing Effect on the Situation Both in Syria and in the Region, Russia said

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MOSCOW, (BM) – Russian and Syrian joint coordination headquarters make another statement on problems impeding repatriation of refugees, learned, quoting the MoD of the Russian Federation statement.

According the statement, the U.S. continues to have a destabilizing effect on the situation both in Syria and in the region.

The whole statement reads (without editing):

of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of Russian Federation and Syrian Arab Republic “On problems impeding repatriation of refugees”
July 3, 2019

Due to the concerted efforts of the Joint Coordination Headquarters of Russian Federation and Syrian Arab Republic, significant results have been achieved in creating conducive conditions for refugees and internally displaced persons returning to pre-war places of residence. The main branches of the economy and trade are being revived, new jobs are being created, people are being employed, schoolchildren and students are returning to classrooms, medical service is being provided to the population, and cultural heritage monuments are being restored.

As a result of Syrian and Russian joint activities, 1,818,368 Syrian citizens have already returned to their homes, with 1,301,301 of them are internally displaced persons and 517,067 refugees from foreign territories.

The number of citizens returning back in the country is increasing. In June more than 46,714 Syria citizens have returned to the places of selected residence including 2,244 people from different areas of the country and 44,470 from foreign states.

Most of the Syrian citizens are returning from countries neighboring Syria. Every day 1,000-2,000 people tend to arrive in the country from Jordan and Lebanon, which indicates the effectiveness the measures taken.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to have a destabilizing effect on the situation both in the country and in the region not wanting to acknowledge the achievements gained by the Syrian authorities in restoring peaceful and dignified life for their people. The US influence hampers the process of repatriation of Syrian refugees.

The provocative questions addressed to Chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation and Refugee Migration Monitoring Major General A. Bakin at a briefing when he informed the members of the UN Security Council on June 25, 2019 on the real situation in northwestern Syria prove that some Western countries do not wish to assess the situation objectively and cover the reality. It is profitable to the United States and its allies to preserve tension in Syria since the stabilization of the situation in the Republic would deprive the US of justifying the illegal presence in Syria and not allow them to continue to support the opposition seeking to overthrow legitimate President Bashar Asad.

At the same time, we expect that the assessments of the situation in Syria presented by Russian Federation at such a reputable international platform as the UN Security Council will contribute to the objective and unbiased understanding of the current situation and the main obstacles for resolving the Syrian conflict

We draw the attention of the international community that all fundamental norms of international law are directly violated in those areas of the Syrian Arab Republic which are illegally controlled by the United States. With the complete inaction and connivance of the American side, a catastrophic situation has prevailed in the Rukban and al Hol refugee camps.

Given the serious humanitarian situation in Rukban, the Syrian government jointly with the Center for Reconciliation and Refugee Migration Monitoring and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, organized the necessary measures for a dignified, safe and voluntary evacuation of civilians from the camp.

Up to date, Russia and Syria have managed to evacuate 15,603 Syrian citizens. Despite the serious efforts made by the Syrian government to return their citizens, we note with regret the decline in the number of people leaving this “death camp”. Over the past month, just 2,064 people were able to leave the camp, while from 23 March to 1 May 7,802 Syrians came out, and in May – 5,737 refugees only. At the same time, there are approximately 28,000 Syrians in terrifying conditions in Rukban who cannot leave its territory being taken hostages by US-controlled armed groups, demanding up to 1,500 US dollars per family for leaving the camp. Most of camp residents simply do not have such money.

We urge the US command in the Al-Tanf zone to stop the criminal activities of the gangs under their control and to ensure the unimpeded exit of the residents from the Rukban camp. It is necessary to intensify the evacuation of Syrian citizens, since every day of delay in disbanding the camp only prolongs the suffering of its inhabitants.

One-sidedness in covering the situation in the SAR by the United States and its allies, which are trying to shift responsibility for the plight of the Syrian citizens to Russia and Syria, allegedly intentionally hindering the humanitarian efforts of Western countries, is of particular concern. US-controlled non-governmental organizations are actively replicating materials with unsubstantiated accusations against the Syrian authorities of a massive violation of the refugee rights.

Obviously, in bringing unsubstantiated accusations against the Syrian government, the leadership of Western countries try to evade responsibility for their crimes in Syria. We draw the attention of the world community that the Syrian government creates decent living conditions and guarantees the safety of returning citizens.

We believe that the only way to revive Syria lies through the final eradication of terrorism, liberation of all illegally occupied by US-led international coalition all the territories of the country and the returning of internally displaced persons and refugees to pre-war places of residence.

Head of Russian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees – Head of National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation

Mizintsev M.

Head of Syrian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees – Local Administration Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic

Makhlouf H.

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Source: the MoD of the Russian Federation

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