The Deal Between Russia and Turkey for the S-400 Is Stopped According German Media

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BERLIN, Germany ( – The Bild’s German online edition published late on Friday last week that, according to the information from diplomatic circles that reached them on Friday, the deal between Turkey and Russia for acquisition of the Russian S-400 has been stopped, learned

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The main reason, according to the German edition, is the crisis in the value of the Turkish lira, which has led Erdogan to change his decision to buy the Russian missile systems.

According to a senior Ankara diplomat and quoted by Bild, the aggressive foreign policy of Erdogan is the cause of the Turkish lira crisis, and the delivery of the Russian S-400 will not be carried out in July. cannot confirm the authenticity of the statement of the Turkish source in question, its identity or whether such a statement has occurred.

According to the German edition, such a development would change the course of the planned elections in Turkey by weakening the expected results of the Erdogan party.

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Similar news began circulating among some European media late on Friday and throughout Saturday.

For this reason, the officials in the Turkish Presidency, and in particular the Turkish Presidency’s Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun, said “Your sources are mistaken. Take it from me: The S-400 procurement is a done deal”

Fahrettin Altun makes this statement through his social profile on Twitter. Deutsche Welle – Turkey also quotes this statement by the representative of the Turkish Presidency in a detailed article, published in Turkish language.

At the same time, the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency analyzes and confirms the fact that the Turkish economy is in crisis, as one of the (many) reasons is exactly the deal with Russia for the acquisition of the S-400.

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According to our information, about 100 Turkish servicemen are leaving for Russia at the end of May to train how to work with the S-400 system.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva
Source: Bild, Anadolu Agency. DW

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