The Israeli Navy Will Integrate Rafael’s C-Dome Defense System

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JERUSALEM, Israel ( – The Israeli navy and Rafael are cooperating in order to make the installation of the C-Dome naval defence systems on the new SAAR – 6 corvettes as easy as possible, learned

The C-Dome Naval defence system is based on the Iron Dome and designed to effectively protect combat vessels against a large set of modern threats.

According to Rafael, C-Dome handles saturation attacks by engaging multiple targets simultaneously. Reaction time according to Rafael, is very short and enables automatic and semi-automatic engagements.

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C-Dome components include a multi-round launcher assembly loaded with vertically-launched canistered interceptors. The launcher is installed under the ship’s deck.

C-Dome Interceptor Launch | Photo Credit: Rafael

C-Dome utilizes the ship’s own surveillance radar and therefore does not require a dedicated Fire Control Radar. Weapon System Command and Control is seamlessly integrated with the ship’s combat management system, facilitating system operation.

Rafael says that the Interceptors are maintenance-free and are stored in a sea-proof canister. Up to 8 interceptors can be loaded into a modular Vertical Launcher Unit.

The Israeli company claims that the C-Dome interceptor is extremely agile and with a high rate-of-turn, enabling intercepting of even the most maneuverable targets. “Its state-of-the-art proximity fuze maximizes lethality and its powerful warhead ensures target destruction” a company source said.

Every interceptor of the C-Dome system is equipped with an active radar and that ensure a high kill rate like the one achieved by the Iron Dome.

Rafael is already negotiating with some potential customers that want to deploy the Israeli company’s C-Dome system on navy ships as a close-range protection against UAV’s, rockets and cruise missile.

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The four SAAR 6 corvettes have been ordered by Israel in Germany,

The SAAR-6 will be based in general on the German Braunschweig class corvettes. One of their roles will be to protect natural gas platforms in the Mediterranean Sea, against possible sea-borne or rocket threats.

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