European states after fortifying ties with Iran’s Navy

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Sayyari, who is in Italy to attend a naval conference and to provide the European country with Iran’s experience in ensuring security in high-risk maritime zones, like the Gulf of Aden, saw willingness of various countries’ navy commanders to gain Iran’s know-how and experience in establishment of security and thwarting pirates in international waters.

Navy commanders from Europe and other parts of the world met and talked with Rear Admiral Sayyari at a dinner banquet held on Thursday evening on the sidelines of Venice RSS 2017.

Top-ranking navy officials from Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Croatia, Algeria, Argentina, Russia and Italy all held short talks with Sayyari and voiced resolve to bolster bilateral relations with the Iranian Navy in various naval arenas.

All parties stressed the need to share views and experiences in a bid to develop collaborations and implement reached Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs).

The South African side voiced satisfaction towards successful holding of a primary workshop for the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) in Johannesburg, voiced his country’s readiness to make an active presence in the sixth edition of the Symposium to be held soon in Tehran.

Navy commander of Argentina, for his part, noted that, despite the long distance between the two countries, numerous venues existed for cooperation between Tehran and Buenos Aires.

Sayyari, for his part, welcomed all proposed initiatives for expansion of relations between Iran’s Navy and naval forces of other countries.

The 4-day symposium, scheduled for October 17-19, is hosting naval commanders from 50 countries to discuss countering illegal activities, technical innovation, and enhancing cooperation in the maritime security sector.

The purpose of the Regional Seapower Symposium for the Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries is to create a forum where the leaders of the regional Navies can meet and discuss about their common challenges and strengthen mutual cooperation.