Advertising reports

Total ad impressions per month - 600,000
Total ad clicks per month - 1,900 - 2,000

Advertising rates

All ad rates are for one month for the specific position, and with all possible advertising impressions.

1/ In-article ad banner

Size: 750x200 px, up to 50kB
Desktop monthly impressions - 80K
AMP/Mobile monthly impressions - 360K
Monthly price - $4,750.00*
* Depending on the size of the text, the banners can be from one to several (three, or five, or seven). The indicated price includes all possible banner numbers in all articles for all impressions for one month.

2/ Header ad banner

Size: 1130x280 px, up to 50kB
Desktop monthly impressions - 100K
Monthly price - $2,000.00*
* This type of banner appears both on the home page and in each article. Valid only for desktop version. The price includes one homepage banner in all articles for all monthly impressions and for one month.

3/ Right side ad banner

Size: 300x250 px, up to 50kB
Desktop monthly impressions - 50K
Monthly price - $1,000.00*
* This banner is only available in the desktop version, for each article, on the right side of the article. The price includes all impressions in all articles for a whole month.

The bottom line: We strive to be worthy of your time and trust, always.

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