Our mission

Quickly, easily and freely access the most critical international defense industry, military-political relations, and military conflicts. We, the media, should not hide that kind of information.

Manifesto & ethical princliples

We launched BulgarianMilitary.com in February 2017, believing and sharing these beliefs. Society needs to “see more than one side of the coin.” The truth is always one, but governments and corporate interests have learned to overexpose it through the prism of their point of view. Not us – our readers come first, always.

We work in an environment of sensitive and delicate topics. Now more than ever, we need free and independent journalism. We believe that the information should not be behind a paid wall, and we will continue to commit to keeping it free.

That is why BulgarianMilitary.com does not follow “trampled media practices” and offers an antidote to this madness. In addition to working with many international news agencies, we subject the reliability of the information from them through our field sources.

The erosion of truth, trust, safety, and sanity in the news is modern society’s disease. Therefore, in this very spirit, we offer more than a promise. We provide ethical practice. We urge you to hold us accountable for what we have promised, which is:

1. BulgarianMilitary.com is not a government publication.

2. All content is written by real people. No AI software, no bots, no fake accounts.

3. Any information is checked before we distribute it. Where possible, we use the source.

4. We identify our sources. Our readers have every right to know more about our origins, assessing both us and our heads’ reliability and motivation.

5. We promise anonymity, but before we do, we consider this type of source’s motives.

6. We encourage the public exchange of views, even those directed against us. Anyone who wants to express an opinion can write to us on office@bulgarianmilitary.com

7. We are looking for sources whose voices are rarely heard.

8. For us, the facts are as they are. We do not distort their meaning, context, or visual form.

9. We take into account the long-term effect of a topic. Therefore, when new information appears, we publish it or update existing content.

10. We refuse gifts, services, fees, free travel, and social treatment. We are politically non-aligned because our competence, subtlety, and impartiality must remain as they are.

11. We distinguish between news and advertising publication (advertorial). When we publish an advertising post, we mark it as such.

12. We acknowledge our mistakes.

13. We reveal the unethical behavior of journalists – our colleagues or not.

14. We adhere to the same high standards that you expect from our other competitors.

15. We will play no games with your data or privacy. We will be careful and transparent, and will provide clear, intuitive ways for you to know how your data is handled. Our policy can be found here.

Between the lines

Our fact-based editorial guiding beliefs

  • Misinformation and the erosion of truth, often propagated on social media, are existential threats to democracy. Journalism must be fact-based.
  • Robotics, machine learning and AI will upend vast swaths of our lives.
  • China’s influence is real and growing.
  • Human activity is posing threats to Earth’s climate.
  • Cities will showcase national trends, innovations and laws, particularly as 5G unleashes both the possibilities and challenges of automation at scale.

Transparency - who we are & how do we make money?

BulgarianMilitary.com has a International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 2682-9819. BulgarianMilitary.com is a trademark of Publico EOOD. Publico Ltd. is not a public company – it is a private company. The company is registered in Bulgaria with taxpayer identification number (TIN) 205538065. Company’s owner and shareholder with 100% ownership of the company shares is Boyko Nikolov – Bulgarian citizen.

As a Bulgarian company, Publico Ltd. pays taxes in the Republic of Bulgaria. You can at any time check the status of Publico Ltd at the official site of the Commercial Registrar of the Republic of Bulgaria. You can also check the company’s annual financial statements and tax returns, even from the National Revenue Agency.

Publico Ltd. uses Google services with which it finances part of its activity. For this reason, Publico Ltd. notifies the U.S. Government by filling out a form W-8BEN-E of the U.S. Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

BulgarianMilitary.com does not accept funding from any government, governmental organizations, and associations, regional or municipal structures.

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The bottom line: We strive to be worthy of your time and trust, always.

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