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Everything is large
The main advantage of ВМ is the large size of the content of the entire website. In contrast to others, we publish large photos with sources quoted. Our texts are in large font for easy reading.

Another advantage is the way of presenting news and categories on the site. We try to avoid the presence of a right sidebar on the homepage, by presenting consecutively, one under another, the most important titles to our readers. This contributes to easier navigation on the website.

Content of good quality
A big part of the articles are texts personally written by journalists and translators-editors, who participate in the editing of the site. Our goal is medium-long texts, which to be specific and clear for the readers. When needed, we reliably quote the source of the published information. Please remember – this is a website for news and our goal is to present them such as they are, and not to debate on them. We leave the conclusions to be made by you.

The focus of the site content is directed to informing the society about the latest news, technologies, and hot topics not only from the world of the Bulgarian and international defence, but also from the Bulgarian military industry that is a significant engine of the state economy.

Content up to date
There are news from the military and defence industry continuously. Sifting out of the right content allows us to keep you informed on time without burdening you with too much and unnecessary information. is a project of the Bulgarian company Nikolov Media Ltd. with identification number 204254496.
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Boyko Nikolov – Executive Editor, Bulgarian Industry News, Product reviews, Russia
Galina Zdravkova – International Defence Industry & News, Military Technology and Procurement, E-Newsletter Editor
Stanislava Georgieva – Bulgarian Military and Defence News, Week in Pictures
Nikolov Media Agency
Matey Dzhunov – Assistant & Planner