India eyes Greek Mirage 2000-5; Evaluation of their fit in progress

Athens has offered New Delhi 18 Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets, which are nearing the end of their operational life. While local Indian sources have confirmed the offer, both governments have not disclosed the potential deal’s value. The next step, according to Indian sources, is for local experts to conduct a technical evaluation of these 18 fighters. 

Dassault Mirage 2000 France
Photo credit: Pixabay

But why is India interested in the Mirage 2000-5? The primary reason appears to be for spare parts. India remains one of the major operators of this iconic French aircraft and plans to keep it operational until around 2035. This potential acquisition becomes highly valuable as France no longer manufactures the Mirage 2000 or its spare parts. 

Indian resource notes that these Greek Mirage 2000-5s, despite their age, could provide essential components to extend the operational life of India’s existing fleet. This will be particularly useful until newer generation aircraft like the Tejas MkII are fully integrated into the Indian Air Force.

Indonesia abandons acquisition of 12 Qatari Dassault Mirage 5s
Photo by Karim Jaafar

A key asset

The proposed acquisition of 18 Mirage 2000-5 fighters includes a valuable two-seater variant. For India, this two-seater could be particularly significant. Experts believe its condition will be meticulously inspected. India relies on these two-seaters to train its pilots, and with the loss of two such trainers, New Delhi is keen to replenish its fleet. Therefore, the two-seater must either be airworthy or provide parts to restore one of the trainers lost in recent accidents. 

The Indian Air Force’s inspection of the Greek Mirage 2000s will play a critical role in assessing this deal’s viability, as noted by According to their analysis, if the aircraft prove to be suitable—whether as parts donors or training platforms—this acquisition could offer the IAF a temporary solution until the next-generation Tejas MkII fighters are fully operational.

Ukraine 'loudly' wants F-16, but secretly trains Mirage 2000 pilots
Photo credit: Pixabay

The Mirage 2000-5

The Mirage 2000-5, crafted by Dassault Aviation of France, is a versatile, single-engine fourth-generation jet fighter. This advanced model of the Mirage 2000 series excels in air superiority, ground attacks, and reconnaissance missions. 

Measuring 14.36 meters [47.1 feet] in length, 9.13 meters [29.9 feet] in wingspan, and 5.20 meters [17.1 feet] in height, the Mirage 2000-5 boasts a wing area of 41 square meters [441 square feet]. Powering the Mirage 2000-5 is a single SNECMA M53-P2 afterburning turbofan engine. With maximum thrust levels of 64.3 kN [14,500 lbf] dry and 95.1 kN [21,400 lbf] with an afterburner, this engine propels the aircraft to speeds up to Mach 2.2. 

Greece offered its 25-year-old Mirage fighters to an Asian ally
Photo credit: JasonM

The technical specs of the Mirage 2000-5 include a maximum takeoff weight of 17,000 kilograms [37,479 pounds], a service ceiling of 17,060 meters [56,000 feet], and an impressive rate of climb of 285 meters per second [56,100 feet per minute]. Additionally, it features fly-by-wire flight control systems, ensuring enhanced maneuverability and stability.

Systems, weapons, range

The Mirage 2000-5 has advanced electronics, including the RDY radar that can track and engage multiple targets at once. It also has a heads-up display [HUD], multifunction displays [MFDs], and a precise navigation system that combines inertial navigation with GPS. 

Taiwanese mirage 2000
Photo credit: CNA

The Mirage 2000-5 is equipped with systems like electronic countermeasures [ECM], radar warning receivers [RWR], and chaff/flare dispensers. These systems help protect the aircraft by detecting and countering incoming threats.

The Mirage 2000-5 can carry many weapons, including air-to-air missiles like the MICA, Magic II, and Super 530D. For ground attacks, it can use laser-guided bombs, regular bombs, and air-to-ground missiles such as the AS-30L and Exocet. It also has a 30mm DEFA 554 cannon for close combat. 

The range of the Mirage 2000-5 depends on its mission and load. With extra fuel tanks, it can fly about 3,335 kilometers [2,072 miles]. For combat, it usually has a range of about 1,550 kilometers [963 miles] without refueling.


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