Turkey begins critical design of KAAN’s new nose AESA radar

According to the Turkish source SavunmaSanayiST.com, the Aselsan Murad-600A AESA nose radar of the Turkish KAAN fighter jet has entered the “critical design” phase. This was announced by the source on its X account, posting a video of KAAN’s first flight. 

“The AESA [Active Electronically Scanned Array] Aselsan Murad-600A radar has successfully completed its ‘preliminary design period’ and has now entered the ‘critical design’ phase,” wrote SavunmaSanayiST.com. 

The Aselsan Murad-600A AESA radar is an advanced radar system developed by Aselsan. Murad-600A is one of its flagship products in the field of active electronically scanned array [AESA] radars. 

Turkey begins critical design of KAAN's new nose AESA radar
Video screenshot

AESA radar technology represents a significant leap forward from traditional radar systems. Unlike conventional radars, which use a single antenna to transmit and receive signals, AESA radars employ an array of small, solid-state transmit/receive modules. These modules can be individually controlled, allowing the radar to steer its beam electronically without physically moving the antenna.

About Murad-600A AESA radar

The AMurad-600A AESA Radar offers several advantages over traditional radar systems. Its electronic beam steering capability allows for faster target acquisition and tracking, improved resolution, and greater resistance to electronic countermeasures. 

Turkish KAAN is able to neutralize a Russian Su-57 in Ukraine
Photo credit: Twitter

One of the key features of the Murad-600A is its ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously. It can conduct air surveillance, track multiple targets, and engage in electronic warfare all at the same time. 

The radar system is also designed with scalability and modularity in mind. This means it can be integrated into a wide range of platforms, from fighter jets and unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs] to naval vessels and ground-based air defense systems. 

In terms of technical specifications, the Murad-600A boasts high-frequency operation, which contributes to its superior detection range and accuracy. It also features advanced signal processing algorithms that enhance its ability to identify and track low-observable [stealth] targets, which are increasingly common in modern warfare. 

Spotted: Turkish KAAN stealth also with inverted canopy as on F-35
Photo credit: Star Turkey

The development of the Aselsan Murad-600A AESA radar reflects a broader trend in military technology towards more sophisticated and versatile radar systems. As threats become more diverse and complex, the ability to quickly and accurately detect, track, and respond to them is crucial. The Murad-600A represents a significant step forward in achieving these capabilities. 


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