Romania is ready – maintenance of HIMARS missile launchers begins

In Romania, the maintenance center for the missile installations of the US artillery system HIMARS is now ready, with the official opening scheduled for May 30. This center is a collaborative effort between Lockheed Martin and Romania’s Aerostar Bacău, as reported by Defense Romania. 

Romania is ready - maintenance of HIMARS missile launchers begins
Photo credit: Defense Romania

The launch of this new support center marks a significant step in the industrial cooperation between the US and Romania, following Bucharest’s decision to purchase 54 units of the HIMARS artillery system, which has gained renown in Ukraine. Local sources indicate that Romania will invest approximately USD 1.5 billion in this venture. The first components of this long-range missile launch system, known as HIMARS, were delivered to the Romanian Army in Bucharest in 2021. 

This winter, Minister of Defense Angel Tîlvar praised the efforts of Lockheed Martin in establishing the HIMARS System Support Center in Bacău, through Aerostar. The Romanian official also highlighted the ongoing maintenance efforts for the F-16 aircraft of the Romanian Air Force.

US retrieves two damaged HIMARS rocket systems for swift repairs
Photo credit: Twitter


HIMARS, which stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, is a highly versatile and mobile rocket launcher system developed by the United States. It is designed to provide rapid and precise fire support for ground forces, capable of launching a variety of munitions from a single platform. The system is mounted on a standard Army Medium Tactical Vehicle, making it easily transportable and deployable in various terrains. 

The technologies used in HIMARS include advanced targeting systems, GPS guidance, and automated fire control systems. These technologies ensure high accuracy and efficiency in targeting, allowing for precise strikes on enemy positions. The system’s mobility is enhanced by its lightweight design and the use of a wheeled chassis, which allows for quick repositioning and rapid deployment.

m142 himars mlrs lockeed martin
Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

HIMARS’ munition

HIMARS can fire several types of munitions, each designed for specific operational needs. The primary munitions include the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System [GMLRS] rockets and the Army Tactical Missile System [ATACMS] missiles. 

GMLRS rockets are known for their precision and are equipped with GPS guidance, making them highly effective for targeting enemy infrastructure and troop concentrations. ATACMS missiles, on the other hand, are long-range tactical missiles capable of striking high-value targets deep within enemy territory. 

Russia announced that it had destroyed two US-made HIMARS MRLs
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The operational range of HIMARS munitions varies depending on the type of rocket or missile used. GMLRS rockets have an operational range of approximately 70 to 80 kilometers [about 43 to 50 miles], providing a significant standoff distance for engaging targets. ATACMS missiles have a much longer range, capable of reaching targets up to 300 kilometers [about 186 miles] away. This extended range allows HIMARS to support deep-strike missions and engage strategic targets far beyond the front lines.


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