Kalashnikov sent 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missiles to the Army

The Kalashnikov Concern has dispatched a substantial shipment of 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missiles to the armed forces under the 2024 state defense order. These missiles are specifically designed for the Strela-10M3 air defense system. 

Kalashnikov sent 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missiles to the Army
Photo credit: Russian MoD

According to the concern’s press service on Friday, May 24, 2024, this recent delivery fulfills a significant part of the state defense order. “Kalashnikov Concern has successfully handed over a large batch of 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missiles as per the 2024 state defense order,” the statement said. 

The Strela-10M3 is an air defense system utilized by the Ground Forces’ air defense units, providing immediate protection for troops during various combat scenarios and maneuvers. This system is also essential for defending smaller military and civilian installations from low-flying aerial threats that are within visual range.

Kalashnikov sent 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missiles to the Army
Photo credit: Military Info

Missile 9M333

The 9M333 anti-aircraft missile is a highly sophisticated weapon system that’s crafted for an array of defense scenarios. It belongs to the expansive family of Russian surface-to-air missiles and is acclaimed for its versatility and effectiveness in targeting aerial threats. With dimensions of approximately 2.23 meters in length and a diameter of about 0.12 meters, the 9M333 missile boasts a compact size. This makes it easily integrated into various launch platforms, thus enhancing its operational flexibility. 

The propulsion of the 9M333 is driven by a solid-fuel rocket engine. This propulsion system offers a high thrust-to-weight ratio, allowing the missile to rapidly accelerate and maintain a sustained flight towards its target. Key components of the missile include a guidance system, warhead, propulsion unit, and control surfaces. Typically, the guidance system comprises infrared and optical sensors, which enable the missile to track and engage its target with remarkable precision. 

Kalashnikov sent 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missiles to the Army
Photo credit: Kalashnikov

The operational range of the 9M333 missile is around 5 kilometers. This range allows it to effectively counter various aerial targets, such as aircraft, helicopters, and drones, within a relatively short distance from its launch point. 


The Strela-10M3 is a nimble, short-range, surface-to-air missile system originally developed by the Soviet Union and now employed by Russia. It’s crafted to defend ground troops from low-altitude threats like aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs. This system is mounted on a tracked, amphibious MT-LB chassis, giving it the versatility to maneuver across diverse terrains and conditions.  

Photo credit: Wikipedia

In terms of size, the Strela-10M3 measures around 6.45 meters in length, 2.85 meters in width, and 2.3 meters in height. Weighing in at approximately 12.3 tons, it remains lightweight for its class, ensuring high maneuverability. The system operates with a crew of three to four, including the driver, commander, and operators.  

The Strela-10M3 comprises several essential components: the MT-LB chassis, a turret armed with four ready-to-launch 9M37M missiles, an optical sighting system, and a fire control system. The 9M37M missiles come with infrared homing heads, which enable them to track and engage the heat signatures of incoming aircraft. Although it includes a radar for target acquisition and tracking, the system primarily depends on optical and infrared guidance.  

Intercepting targets is a streamlined process with the Strela-10M3’s infrared homing missiles launched from turret-mounted launchers. Once a target is spotted, the operator locks onto it using the optical sighting system, and the missile then homes in on the target’s heat signature, adjusting its course to ensure a successful hit. The system can tackle targets at altitudes ranging from 25 meters to 3,500 meters and distances up to 5 kilometers.  

The operational prowess of the Strela-10M3 is largely driven by its 9M37M missiles, which have a maximum range of about 5 kilometers and can combat targets moving at speeds up to 415 meters per second. Thanks to its mobility and effective range, paired with robust targeting capabilities, the Strela- 10M3 is a crucial tool for delivering air defense to ground forces in various combat scenarios.


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