Blackwater: Russians respond with geolocation and fire back in 2 mins

Erik Prince, the founder of the private American military company Blackwater, recently shared some striking opinions on the performance of expensive American military equipment in Ukraine. In an interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, cited by Obektivno, Prince had some harsh words: “American systems don’t hold up… Super-expensive American equipment doesn’t do that well in this battle space,” he said. 

Blackwater: Russians respond with geolocation and fire back in 2 mins
Photo credit: X/Twitter/@TuckerCarlson

Prince emphasized the effectiveness of low-cost ammunition mounted on drones, which cost around $1,500, in destroying millions of dollars worth of tanks. He explained that over the past two decades, the U.S. has mainly been fighting less-prepared adversaries, whereas the current conflict with Russia is a state-level war.

$50K FPV vs M1 Abrams

How the 2K25 Krasnopol shell redefines Abrams myth with one shot
Photo credit: MWM

He also highlighted another example from the Red Sea, involving conflicts with the Houthis. “Some of the weapons work well, but at what cost? The Houthis use drones costing between $20,000 and $50,000 to attack commercial and American ships in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden,” Prince noted. In contrast, the U.S. needs to deploy two rockets, each costing $2 million, to bring down a single $50,000 drone. “It costs us $4 million to take down a $50,000 drone,” he pointed out, stressing that the flow of money continues without accountability. 

Reflecting on past U.S. Military engagements, he questioned, “Who was punished for the failure in Afghanistan, where after 20 years we replaced the Taliban with the Taliban? This incompetence will not end well.” recalls the highly regarded American M1 Abrams tanks sent to Ukraine are increasingly being targeted by inexpensive Russian drones. The New York Times notes that even “one of the most powerful symbols of American military power” is not immune to such assaults. 

Most often, these tanks are being taken out by kamikaze FPV drones, also known as loitering munitions. These drones are unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with warheads and designed to hover over a target area for extended periods before striking upon receiving a command from their operator or executing pre-programmed missions. “American taxpayers should be concerned about the value they’re getting from the nation’s defense spending,” Prince remarked. 

How the 2K25 Krasnopol shell redefines Abrams myth with one shot
Photo credit: MWM

Outdated weapons

Last month, he pointed out a critical issue with the U.S.’s military capacity and its ability to project strength internationally. He explained that the fiat nature of the U.S. dollar and debt spending has led to overfunding the military, resulting in a defense policy that favors a select group of contractors over achieving victory in wars. According to Prince, the U.S. military, despite being the priciest organization in history, often functions as a means for selling overpriced equipment to countries that find it challenging to use or maintain.

He stressed that the U.S. is providing Ukraine with outdated weapons. “Shipping equipment made ten years ago now costs four or five times more. This is a massive scam funded by the Pentagon, which lacks efficiency in procurement. It’s not altering the outcomes of the battles,” Prince highlighted. 

Ukrainian Abrams tank was spotted with Soviet Kontakt-1 blocks
Photo credit: Telegram

Strike back in minutes

The Ukrainian conflict, he asserts, should have been settled long ago through negotiations. However, the administration of President Joe Biden believes that American weapons will turn the tide, even though this might not be the case. According to Prince, the longer the war endures, the more the Russians will adapt and improve. 

“If you had fired at the Russians a year and a half ago, it would have taken them an hour to retaliate with precise fire: they had to determine the geolocation and coordinate with command centers to strike back. Now, they’ve reduced that time to 2-3 minutes. So, they’ve learned and significantly improved,“ pointed out the Blackwater founder.


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