Russia orders 199 multi-purpose patrol boats; KMZ begins production

Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant [KMZ] has secured a major contract with the Ministry of Emergency Situations to build nearly 200 multi-purpose boats. The plant emerged victorious in the competitive bidding process, as reported by KMZ’s press service. 

Under four different contracts, KMZ will construct 199 multi-purpose boats in three distinct categories for the Ministry of Emergency Situations. These boats will be crafted by the KMZ shipbuilding division, which boasts expertise in specialized vessel production. 

Mikhail Danilenko, the director of KMZ, shared that the ministry has ordered three types of boats: the RPK-640 and RX-1173 patrol boats, which are fast and suited for all seasons with an extensive range, and the PK-500 recreational boats. “We’ve secured the 2.76 billion ruble contract to produce and supply 199 multi-purpose boats for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia across four contracts,” Danilenko told Portal Prospect.

Russia orders 199 multirole patrol boats; KMZ begins production
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Domestic power plants

Earlier, the holding company announced that starting in 2024, all boats intended for Russian law enforcement agencies will come equipped with internal power plants. Over the past year, the plant succeeded in developing its own drive systems to replace imported ones. Pilot production has already commenced. Water cannons are anticipated to be produced alongside a diesel engine, which is now also in the production pipeline. 

KMZ Holding manufactures the Afalina and Kasatka-2M boats specifically for Russian law enforcement agencies, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the National Guard of Russia.

Part of Russia’s modern naval fleet

The Russian patrol boats RPK-640 and RX-1173 are part of Russia’s modern naval fleet, designed to perform a variety of missions including coastal defense, anti-submarine warfare, and maritime patrol. These vessels are equipped with advanced technology and weaponry to ensure they can effectively execute their designated tasks. 

The propulsion systems of the RPK-640 and RX-1173 are typically powered by diesel engines, which provide a balance of power and fuel efficiency. This allows the patrol boats to operate for extended periods without needing to refuel, making them ideal for long-duration missions. The propulsion system is designed to offer high maneuverability, which is crucial for operations in coastal and shallow waters. 

In terms of technical characteristics, the RPK-640 and RX-1173 are equipped with advanced radar and sonar systems. The components of the RPK-640 and RX-1173 include state-of-the-art navigation systems, which ensure precise maneuvering and positioning. The vessels are also fitted with lifesaving equipment, including life rafts and medical facilities, to ensure the safety of the crew during extended missions. 

Russia orders 199 multirole patrol boats; KMZ begins production
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RPK-640 and RX-1173’s armament

The armament on the RPK-640 patrol boat is designed to provide robust defensive and offensive capabilities. The vessel is usually equipped with a variety of weaponry, including anti-ship missiles, torpedoes, and naval guns. Additionally, it may feature close-in weapon systems [CIWS] for defense against incoming missiles and aircraft. This diverse array of armament ensures that the RPK-640 can engage a wide range of targets, from surface ships to aerial threats. 

The armament of the RX-1173 patrol boat is designed to provide a versatile and robust defense against a range of threats. It usually includes a combination of machine guns, autocannons, and possibly missile systems for engaging surface and air targets. Additionally, the vessel may be equipped with anti-submarine warfare [ASW] equipment, such as depth charges or torpedoes, to counter underwater threats. This diverse array of weaponry ensures that the RX-1173 can fulfill multiple roles in maritime security operations.


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