Missiles hit two echelons with Western weapons – Russian MoD

On April 26, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that its armed forces launched successful strikes on two convoys in the Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] and Kharkiv Oblast. Both convoys were reported to be carrying Western-supplied weaponry and military equipment destined for Ukraine’s armed forces. However, the Ministry did not disclose the exact type of missiles used in the assault. 

NASA: Russia hit Mirgorod MiG-24 base with ballistic missiles - Iskander-M
Photo credit: Reddit

In their press statement, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported, “Our operational-tactical aviation, missile troops, and artillery launched precision strikes that hit a train loaded with Western weaponry and military gear near the Udachnoye village [DPR]. We also destroyed personnel and equipment belonging to the 67th mechanized brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces at a railway cargo station near the Balakliya village, in the Kharkiv region.”

According to Ukrainian sources, a spike in attacks on their railway infrastructure has been recently observed. As reported by the reputable Kyiv Post, quoting a statement from a senior Ukrainian security officer to AFP, “Russia is escalating its attacks on our railway infrastructure to obstruct the transportation of military cargo, including the aid we receive from the West.” 

Ukrainian sources have indicated multiple incidents where Russian forces have primarily targeted civilian railway infrastructure. Although there hasn’t been explicit confirmation of strikes on trains transporting Western weapons intended for the Ukrainian army, the Kyiv Post has reported attacks in East Donetsk [Udachnoye] and Balakliya, a region in Kharkiv.

The Kyiv Post documents, “A rocket attack attributed to Russian forces in the eastern region of Donetsk led to the tragic deaths of three railway workers while injuring four others. Additionally, a railway facility in Balaklia, Kharkiv region, was under assault by Russian forces, resulting in injuries to ten civilians.” 

According to a source quoted by Ukrainian media, there’s a surge in fatal attacks specifically aimed at destroying train facilities. The apparent objective is to cripple military supply and transport chains in anticipation of a potential Russian offensive. As per the Kyiv Post, “This is a characteristic strategy deployed before an offensive.”

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On February 21, 2022, Russia stated that its border facility was attacked by Ukrainian forces, resulting in the deaths of five Ukrainian fighters. However, Ukraine quickly dismissed these allegations, labeling them as ‘false flags’.

In a notable move on the same day, Russia announced it officially recognized the self-proclaimed areas of DPR and LPR. Interestingly, according to Russian President Putin, this recognition covered all the Ukrainian regions. Following this declaration, Putin sent a battalion of Russia’s military forces, tanks included, into these areas.

Fast forward to February 24, 2022, global headlines were dominated by a significant incident. Putin commanded a forceful military assault on Ukraine. Led by Russia’s impressive Armed Forces positioned at the Ukrainian border, this assault wasn’t spontaneous but a premeditated action. Despite the circumstances resembling a war, the Russian government refrains from using this term. They’d rather refer to it as a “special military operation”.


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