Korea unveiling the CTM-290 ballistic missile in rare footage

The first glimpse of South Korea’s CTM-290 ballistic missile, intended for Poland, has just been unveiled. The missile was launched by a Homar-K in the presence of Polish government officials. Local sources suggest that the CTM-290 missile’s features – its range and warhead – can be compared to the latest US ATACMS ballistic missile. Alongside the 239 mm rocket and other rockets, this will significantly boost the operational capabilities of the Polish army.  

The Homar-K is a tailor-made Polish multiple-launch missile system, derived from the enhanced K239 launcher and a locally manufactured Jelcz P883.57 8×8 truck chassis. It was specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the Polish military. 

The system is integrated with a TOPAZ fire control system, developed in Poland. It is compatible with a South Korean 239 mm CGR080 guided missile, which is produced in Poland under license, and a 600 mm short-span tactical ballistic missile known as the CTM-290 [Chunmoo Tactical Missile], which has a range capability of 290 km.

This development isn’t just beneficial for Poland but also for Middle Eastern nations that utilize the K239 system. The defense sectors of both the UAE and Saudi Arabia also deploy unknown quantities of the K239 Chunmoo long-range missile artillery system and are considering the acquisition of this ballistic missile too. 

As a dominant artillery weapon, the large size of the CTM290 missile system is a testament to its formidable stature. Its placement on a 5-axle 10×10 truck provides mobility and adaptability in deployment. The missile measures approximately 4.6 meters in length and around 230 millimeters in diameter. 

The CTM290 missile system showcases versatile applications by featuring different warhead types designed for a variety of missions. High-explosive warheads aim at enemy personnel and light vehicles, whereas penetration warheads are effective against robust targets and bunkers.

Korea unveiling the CTM-290 ballistic missile in rare footage
Photo credit: Twitter

On August 27, 2022, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak disclosed that negotiations for acquiring the South Korean missile artillery system were in progress. By October 13, 2022, the Polish Armaments Agency announced a successful conclusion to these negotiations, with nearly 300 K239 Chunmoo systems being obtained from South Korea. The framework agreement was scheduled to be signed on October 17. 

Initially, Poland planned to procure 500 M142 HIMARS launchers from America. However, due to unsatisfactory timelines, the order was partitioned into two phases. A reduced quantity of HIMARS was agreed upon, and the South Korean Chunmoo launchers were added to the mix, with an anticipated delivery in 2023. 

Fast forward to October 19, 2022, when a deal was brokered in Poland for the delivery of 288 MLRS Chunmoo. These launchers, mounted on the Jelcz 8×8 chassis and featuring Poland’s integrated combat management system TOPAZ, were included in the deal along with 23 thousand missiles boasting a range of between 80 and 290 kilometers. 

On August 20, 2023, one Homar-K unit, after completing its system integration and testing in South Korea, was dispatched to the 18th Mechanized Division of the Polish Ground Forces following its delivery in Poland.


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