Russia executes bold maneuvers with 11 nuclear subs in the Atlantic

With increasing audacity, Russia is making its presence felt in the Atlantic Ocean, as demonstrated by the amplified deployment of its nuclear submarines. The escalating numbers of Russian nuclear submarines maneuvering in the Atlantic are a clear signal for NATO to remain vigilant. It’s been speculated by various analysts that Russia has designated as many as eleven nuclear submarines to operate in this specific region. 

Poseidon's carrier has a hull from the never-completed Oscar-II sub
Photo credit: EurAsian Times

However, other analysts interpret this surge differently, arguing that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine plays a pivotal role in Russia’s strategic decisions. Supporting this viewpoint, high-ranking NATO and US officials, including General Chris Cavoli who oversees operations in Europe, have shared their observations about Moscow’s intensified underwater activities. 

General Cavoli was quoted as saying, “The Russian military’s activities have seen an unusual uptick in recent years.” In his view, the skirmishes unfolding in Eastern Europe have catalyzed President Vladimir Putin’s Russia to amplify its maritime strategies. “All this has been triggered by Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict,” he added. Indeed, these maneuvers mark an unprecedented escalation by Russia since the inception of their conflict with Ukraine.

Russian subs are increasingly appearing

In the most explicit warning yet regarding the potential threat Russia poses, General Cavoli’s analysis sounds the alarm for the United States and its Western allies supporting Ukraine. 

A few months earlier, a wave of concern swept over Western nations when Russian President Vladimir Putin dispatched surface warships to the Atlantic Ocean. A significant number of these vessels were armed with hypersonic cruise missiles, capable of outpacing US air defense systems. 

Top 5 best submarines in the world - Yasen class, Russia
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Earlier, US media quoted high-ranking US Navy officials expressing their “anxiety” over an increase in the “presence” of Russian nuclear submarines in their coastal waters. They noted that such appearances by Russian submarines have recently been on the rise.

More than 11

Speculations suggest that the number of nuclear submarines in the Atlantic currently exceeds those during the prime of the Soviet Union, replicating Cold War-era densities. Yet, the exact count of these naval vessels remains indeterminate. 

We do know that the significant presence of Russian nuclear submarines rouses substantial security apprehensions for the United States. This concern is endorsed by the director of the Russian Maritime Research Institute [RMSI], Michael Peterson. Parallelly, General Cavoli warns NATO to remain especially alert due to the amplifying threat Russia poses toward Ukraine. 

Russian North Fleet received a whisper-quiet '677' submarine - Lada class
Photo credit: TASS

Adding to the complication, Russia ostensibly isn’t alone in its mission to exert influence over Ukraine. Sources suggest that the conflict in Eastern Europe receives military reinforcements from two significant nations – Iran and North Korea. Defense analysts report that Iran bolsters the conflict with its premier Shahed-136 drone, while North Korea contributes its formidable Hwasong-18 missile. 

58 Russian nuclear subs

Michael Peterson, a prominent figure at the Russian Maritime Research Institute [RMSI] and celebrated for his extensive knowledge of Russian naval prowess, has highlighted numerous indicators that suggest Russia’s increasing tendencies to place their nuclear submarines along the United States coastlines. 

From the azure waters of the Mediterranean to the invigorating coasts of Europe, the deployment of Russian nuclear and conventional submarines is a very tangible reality. Peterson, the insightful researcher, observes an uncanny resemblance between these tactics and those employed by the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War conflict. 

In recent years, Moscow has made strides in developing a diverse variety of nuclear submarines, engineered specifically to infiltrate strategic points scattered across both the United States and Europe. Allegedly boasting an impressive fleet of 58 nuclear submarines across multiple classes, there seems to be no global hotspot— including the waters along American shores— that is impervious to their expansive reach.


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