Kurgan boosts Russian army with 1.5x more BMP-3s than last year

This year kicked off on a high note for the troops as they received their first consignment of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles. These marvels of modern warfare were provided by Kurganmashzavod, the company behind the production of this highly sought-after armored vehicle. The delivery was reported by Rostec, a Russian state defense entity. 

Russian army received new BMP-3 IFVs with armored cope cages
Photo credit: Rostec

The vehicles were transported to the military base by rail, this being the first delivery this year of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles by Kurganmashzavod. Although the exact number of vehicles remains a closely guarded secret, Rostec’s press service disclosed that this year’s delivery surpassed last year’s by an impressive one and a half times over the same period. 

“The team at Kurganmashzavod is truly exceptional. These skilled individuals don’t just meet expectations – they exceed them by promptly and efficiently providing the needed combat vehicles to our troops. They’ve already marked the year with the first delivery of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles,” said a representative of the company. 

Russia is sending a BMP-3 Sinitsa robot to Ukraine for combat tests
Photo by Anton Denisov / Sputnik

Notably, every BMP-3 delivered to the military is equipped with anti-cumulative grills and armored screens. This infantry fighting vehicle has proven its effectiveness during combat operations in the Northern Military District zone, earning its reputation as the go-to infantry fighting vehicle for the Russian army, right alongside the BMP-2 fitted with the Berezhok combat module.

About BMP-3

The BMP-3 is a Soviet and Russian infantry fighting vehicle, succeeding the BMP-1 and BMP-2. The abbreviation stands for ‘Boevaya Mashina Pehoty’, which translates to ‘Infantry Combat Vehicle’. It was developed by the Kurganmashzavod company and first entered service with the Soviet Army in 1987. 

Rostec supplied Russian army BMP-3 with armored screens and grids
Photo credit: Rostec

The BMP-3 is renowned for its robust firepower and sturdy armor. It is propelled by a UTD-29M diesel engine, which provides 500 horsepower, allowing the vehicle to reach a top speed of 70 km/h on land and 10 km/h on water. The BMP-3 has a combat weight of 18.7 tonnes and can transport up to 7 infantrymen in addition to its 3 crew members.

The operational range of the BMP-3 is impressive, with the ability to travel up to 600 kilometers without the need for refueling. This makes it an ideal vehicle for long-range missions. Additionally, it is amphibious, granting it the ability to traverse bodies of water without the necessity for a bridge or ferry.

The armament is a standout feature

KurganMashZavod showed BMP-3 with anti-cumulative defense set
Video screenshot

The weaponry of the BMP-3 is noteworthy. This vehicle comes with a 100mm 2A70 semi-automatic rifled gun/missile launcher, capable of firing not only conventional shells but also 9M117 Bastion-guided anti-tank missiles. The BMP-3’s armament also includes a 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon and three 7.62mm PKT machine guns. As a cherry on top, it’s equipped to launch anti-aircraft missiles, underscoring its versatility as a combat vehicle. 

Moreover, the BMP-3 is fitted with advanced fire control systems and night vision for precise shooting in any weather condition, and at any time of day or night.  The vehicle’s robust armor is designed to absorb impacts from 30mm rounds and provides a formidable defense against nuclear, biological, and chemical threats.

BMP-3 purpose

The BMP-3 is utilized in military operations to transport infantry soldiers to the battlefield, providing them with armored protection. Additionally, the BMP-3 is designed to offer fire support to dismounted infantry and can engage both ground and aerial targets. 

One of the key features of the BMP-3 is its amphibious capabilities. This allows it to swim in water, therefore making it capable of crossing bodies of water and conducting operations in a variety of terrains. 

Summing up, the BMP-3 plays various roles in military operations, including troop transportation, direct fire support, and the capability to operate in diverse terrains. Its versatility and broad range of capabilities make it a significant asset in modern warfare.

Russia is sending a BMP-3 Sinitsa robot to Ukraine for combat tests
Video screenshot

Robotic BMP-3

As reported by BulgarianMilitary.com on January 7th of this year, Rostec’s CEO, Sergey Chemezov, disclosed intriguing information according to various Russian media sources. It appears that Russia is diligently preparing to conduct a prototype test for a fully automatized, unmanned combat robot in Ukraine. The robot in question is an advanced version of the BMP-3 infantry fighting machine that has been integrated with a part enabling remote operation. 

This remarkable technology that enables remote control is known as the Sinitsa module. The Sinitsa module is capable of transforming a manually operated BMP-3 into a fully autonomous robotic vehicle. Even more impressively, the module can be managed using a dedicated control station that strongly resembles a tablet.

Russia is sending a BMP-3 Sinitsa robot to Ukraine for combat tests
Video screenshot

Sinitsa prototype

Details about a prototype of the BMP-3, an unmanned combat vehicle developed on a tracked chassis, emerged last year. Its standout feature is the unique V-shaped engine, the UTD-19, which boasts a powerful 500 hp. The manufacturers also highlighted its impressive trench-crossing ability, enabling it to surpass ditches up to 2.5m wide. 

Original estimates by Rostech pegged the BMP-3’s top speed at around 70 km/h. Plus, with a full 700-litre tank, it has the potential to cover up to 600km before requiring a refill. However, these specifications await official confirmation. 

The BMP-3 aims to be more than a high-powered unit, it also comes loaded with advanced equipment for superior field performance. In addition to an integrated panoramic viewfinder, the unit is outfitted with the “Sinitsa” robotic combat module. This comprehensive package includes a formidable 100mm primary artillery, a 30mm secondary artillery, and a 7.62mm machine gun

The BMP-3 is designed for seamless remote piloting thanks to its set of omnidirectional cameras. According to its Russian creators, this vehicle can also function autonomously. It can map and generate 3D terrains. It uses data from additional sensors and integrates artificial intelligence. To enhance its functionality, the BMP-3 comes with a compact drone for surveillance and mine detonation tasks.


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