Ukraine claims Russia acquires 770 upgraded T-62s and T-90Ms

As you may know, news about the militaristic developments in Russia has been surfacing quite frequently in recent months. Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate [GUR] has reported that the Russian defense force has received a total of 770 tanks of various models over the last two years, following the start of the Ukrainian unrest. 

Ukraine claims Russia acquires 770 upgraded T-62s and T-90Ms
Photo credit: UVZ

Moreover, Ukrainian officials claim that 450 of these vehicles are specifically the modernized T-62M and T-62МВ models. Since 2022, these have been systematically upgraded and incorporated into the Russian defense force. In addition, they have recorded a production or modernization rate of approximately 320 T-90M models. 

Approximately 15 T-90M tanks per month roll-out of Russian military production units, accounting for about 10% of the total number of tanks within the Russian army. This information was revealed by GUR officials in a discussion with ArmiyaInform. 

Putin tours Uralvagonzavod, dispatches T-90M tanks to the Army
Photo by Samil Ritdikov

Officials from the GUR have suggested that Russia plans to boost the rate of tank overhauls and modernization in the coming years. Notably, the primary focus will be on restoring T-62s, currently kept in storage units of Russia’s Defense Ministry. 

Supplementary data from The Military Balance 2023 reveals that the Russian army began last year with 150 T-62 tanks and approximately 100 T-90M tanks. This data suggests that many if not most of the 450 modernized T-62M, T-62МВ, and approximately 320 T-90M tanks were manufactured and commissioned in 2023. 

Significantly, there’s an estimate from the International Institute for Strategic Studies [IISS], the creator of The Military Balance 2023 guide. It suggests that Russia managed to retrieve between 1180 and 1828 tanks from their storage bases last year. The reserve of mothballed machines could potentially last for another 2-3 years, or possibly longer. 

Putin tours Uralvagonzavod, dispatches T-90M tanks to the Army
Photo by Samil Ritdikov

In conclusion, according to the assessment of the reputable British research center RUSI [Royal United Services Institute], the Russian force currently fighting in Ukraine has a considerable fleet consisting of approximately 2,060 tanks. Notably, they managed to equip their troops with 1,500 tanks last year. However, it’s important to note that 80% of these units are retrieved from storage and not newly produced. 

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, recently visited the Uralvagonzavod [UVZ], according to a report by on February 15. This noteworthy visit coincidently aligned with the Russian military’s receipt of the latest batch of T-90M Proryv tanks. 

Putin’s first stop during this visit was the new transmission workshop of UVZ. This establishment is recognized as a unique production effort by UVZ. 

Russian army expands T-80BVM v.23 tank fleet: numbers rising
Photo credit: Twitter

The launch of this innovative workshop has yielded positive results for UVZ. As reported on the UVZ Telegram channel, it resulted in improved production workflow and enhanced product quality. It also facilitated the introduction of diverse, state-of-the-art products and, remarkably, led to a reduction in costs. Alexander Potapov, UVZ’s executive director, emphasized that this section employs skilled specialists who are proficient in operating the latest machinery. 

At the same time, British intelligence indirectly confirmed the production expertise of Uralvagonzavod. A recent British report suggested that Russia needn’t worry about tank casualties as their manufacturing prowess is capable of compensating for any losses on the battlefield each month. Despite the economic sanctions intended to undermine Russian capabilities, this information from Tsulata underscores the formidable military manufacturing strength Russia retains.


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