Austrian Army is replacing aging Pinzgauer MUVs with Iveco vehicles

Austria’s military is modernizing its fleet of military utility vehicles [MUVs], with plans to replace at least 900 Pinzgauer MUVs with a new model from Iveco, a premier manufacturer in the light vehicle sector. The order will include 70 command support and 55 radio support units. 

Austrian Army is replacing aging Pinzgauer MUVs with Iveco vehicles
Photo credit: Iveco

With a successful reputation punctuated by the commercial appeal of their M40E15-WM model, which has sold over 18,000 units globally in the past 30 years, Iveco is poised to deliver a top-of-the-line MUV model, primed for versatility, agility, dependability, and applicability in a wide variety of terrains. 

The new MUV takes advantage of Commercial off-the-shelf [COTS] main assemblies to ensure first-class functionality and reliability, along with an ergonomic design. This also contributes to an efficient logistics footprint, given a large number of common components across different types of vehicles, along with a logistics chain that has been proven effective in the civilian market. 

With this new model, Iveco provides flexibility in usage given its three Gross Vehicle Weight [G.V.W] options able to accommodate up to 7t. The MUV can provide a commendable payload of up to 4t and can be configured in van, cab, and rolling chassis layouts to adapt to any military requirement. The vehicle can carry and deploy up to 14+2 personnel rapidly while still having room for extra armor when necessary. 

The new MUV will utilize Iveco’s FPT engines, available in both EURO III and EURO VI versions. Produced to deliver 150 or 180 horsepower, these engines can function effectively in temperatures from -32°C to +49°C. For versatile use, they are compatible with either a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic system with a torque converter. 

The vehicle’s mobility is further improved by a 4×4 drive with lockable differentials and a power take-off [PTO] system. Its front-end suspension system, equipped with a torsion bar, ensures balanced mobility, handling, and durability off the road. To top it off, the model’s Electronic Stability Program [ESP] and Anti-lock Braking System [ABS] optimize performance while its provision for run flat options guarantees continuity in operation. 

Designed for both civilian and military use, the electrical system boasts 12V and 24V circuits including NATO complaint sockets and blackout systems. To further suit universal requirements, these MUVs are available in left and right-hand drive options with five different wheelbase configurations ranging from 3080mm to 4175mm. 

Valued at around €42 million, the Iveco-Austrian government deal is already in motion, with the first units reported to have been delivered. The timeline for production and delivery of all the ordered units from Austria is set to be completed by 2026.


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