Russian army get body armor withstand fragments of up to 630 m/s

Strelok, the state-of-the-art body armor system providing effective defense against bullets and shrapnel fragments, now equips 25,000 members of the Russian military. This protective gear comes courtesy of the Russian manufacturer, Triada-TKO LLC, a notable branch of the eminent Kalashnikov concern. 

Russian army get body armor withstand fragments of up to 630 m/s
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The completion of this substantial delivery of 25,000 bulletproof vests was confirmed last year. Earlier, in the same year, the powerhouse company behind the AK-47, Kalashnikov, disclosed their efforts to enhance the Strelok body armour system. Kalashnikov’s president, Alan Lushnikov, proudly revealed in early December that the SSO [Special Operations Forces] had successfully completed the testing phase of Strelok. This success paved the way for mass production of the revamped Strelok system. 

Lushnikov extended the conversation to discuss the company’s collaboration with the Russian military. They have collectively upgraded their badge of honour, the AK-12 assault rifle, following its test and use in a special operation. The president clarified that the first shipments of the updated AK-12s are scheduled to start in January, post their successful testing and subsequent manufacturing.

What is Strelok?

The Corset Plus, produced by the Kalashnikov subsidiary known as Triad-TKO, is a component of the Strelok system. It serves as upper body armor and pairs with a set of plate carrier compatible pockets and a 30L backpack. 

This protective gear, as described by the producer, secures about 70 percent of the wearer’s body. The Corset Plus is comprised of a plate carrier with side detailing, guards for the groin, and shoulder protectors. 

The Strelok system offers a basic level of protection against shattered pieces, but it’s even better with two extra pieces that meet the GOST Level BR5 standard. Triad-TKO states that Strelok is able to shield against unidentified fast-moving fragments up to 630 m/s. It’s important to remember, however, that this isn’t the same as the STANAG 2920 standard. To clarify it for those familiar with bullet-resistant ratings, GOST Level BR5 protects against multiple hits from 7BZ3 armor-piercing 7.62x54R mm caliber bullets.

Body armor in the Russian army

One of the most common models is the 6B43, a bulletproof vest that is part of the Ratnik [‘Warrior’] system. The 6B43 vest is made from a high-strength aramid fabric, which provides a high level of protection while remaining relatively lightweight. The vest also includes pockets for additional armor plates, allowing soldiers to adjust the level of protection based on the situation. The 6B43 is rated for protection up to class 6, which includes 7.62mm rifle rounds.

Another common model is the 6B45, which is also part of the Ratnik system. This vest is like the 6B43, but it has extra features. One of these is a quick-release system. This can be used to take the vest off fast in case of emergencies. The 6B45 also includes additional protection for the neck and groin, and it is rated for protection up to class 5.

Russian troops in Ukraine may also be equipped with the 6B23-1, an older model of body armor that is still in use. The 6B23-1 is lighter than the 6B43 and 6B45, but it provides less protection. However, it is still capable of stopping 7.62mm rifle rounds, and it includes additional armor plates for the chest and back.

Some Russian troops may be equipped with the 6B13, a model of body armor that was designed for use in mountainous and urban environments. The 6B13 includes additional protection for the shoulders and upper arms, and it is made from a combination of aramid fabric and ceramic plates. Like the 6B43 and 6B45, the 6B13 is part of the Ratnik system.

Bulletproof vest against AK-47

Back in 2020, as reported by, there was a gutsy move by an Indian company, Midhani. They managed to design a model of body armor capable of halting bullets discharged from an AK-47 machine gun. noted its unique traits, a combination of robust protection, and surprisingly, a lightweight of merely 6.3 kilograms. 

The project was no overnight sensation. It took over a year of rigorous work, and by 2020, they produced the first series of Bhabha Kavach 6+ protective vests for military testing. Quite an achievement, wouldn’t you agree? 

The armor’s construction incorporates groundbreaking technologies, although specifics are under wraps. Impressively, this innovative armor can thwart a 7.62 mm bullet racing at a speed of up to 700 m / s – that’s tantamount to a direct hit. Astonishing, isn’t it?


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