NATO and Russia go to war in the 2025 summer – Germany’s Bild

The future may hold disconcerting activities from Ukraine’s eastern neighbor. Amidst Ukraine’s pursuit of a high-level peace plan meeting, there may be an undercurrent of conflict brewing beneath the surface.

US Army's 'Screaming Eagles': We enter Ukraine if NATO is attacked
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Russian President Vladimir Putin may be harboring far different plans than peace negotiations, according to a revealing training blueprint from the German Defense Ministry. This shocking revelation was made by the “Bild” newspaper, suggesting that Putin could be gearing up for a hybrid assault on NATO come the next winter. 

As outlined in this confidential document, the German defense ministry paints a worrying picture of a potential confrontation between Russia and NATO. The report provides a monthly analysis of possible actions by both Russia and the West.

Among the alarming forecasts, the Bundeswehr anticipates the summoning of a vast army of NATO troops numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Moreover, Bild points to a war on the horizon, with its eruption tentatively set for the summer of 2025.

Russian maneuvers in September

Anticipating an upcoming surge in its military forces, Russia is reportedly planning to mobilize an additional 200,000 troops to spearhead a fresh offensive against Ukraine in the imminent spring season. Furthermore, come summer, Russia is poised to escalate its assertive stance against the West, featuring notably severe cyberattacks. 

On the schedule is the massive Zapad 2024 exercise, which will commence in September. This exercise will deploy 50,000 troops across western Russia and Belarus, demonstrating a significant show of force.

By the year’s end, it is projected that Russia will orchestrate an incursion into parts of eastern Ukraine. In response to this intensifying situation, NATO is expected to mobilize roughly 300,000 troops to Ukraine’s eastern flank on the designated “X-Day” in the summer of 2025.

Different scenarios

The Ministry of Defense remained quite unforthcoming regarding these details. Yet, they parted with this much insight: “Let me clarify this for you, scouting out even the most improbable scenarios is part of our daily military operations, especially during training,” a representative of the ministry explained to Bild. 

Recently, alarms were raised by Swedish security specialists concerning the possibility of a war with Russia. “I might be echoing others here, but let me voice it out from my desk: Sweden could be on the brink of a war,” remarked Karl-Oscar Bolin, Sweden’s Civil Protection Minister. According to Bolin, we must gear ourselves for the “worst-case” scenario, such as a war with Russia, before it slips out of our hands.


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