Russia uses ‘Penicillin’ – a complex to detect Ukrainian shell noise

The Russian troop unit, known as “Zapad” [West], has uncovered the whereabouts of Ukrainian Armed Forces artillery using their state-of-the-art artillery scouting system – the Penicillin. 

Russia uses Penicillin - a complex detecting Ukrainian shell noise
Photo credit: Rostec

This remarkable discovery took place in the Kupyan direction, within the jurisdiction of the Northern Military District. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation shared this development through a recent press statement. 

Deployed in one of the most volatile sections of the front, the Penicillin complex played a crucial role in military reconnaissance. It successfully detected the Ukrainian troops’ activities approximately 25 km deep into the front line, thereby enhancing their weaponry coordination.

Analyzing sound waves

The core function of a sound measuring complex in combat scenarios is to scrutinize sound waves produced by the firing of various artillery and mortar weapons. These sound waves are received by remote sound detectors positioned far from the control room. 

Equipped with highly sensitive sound sensors, this combat apparatus can recognize the sound produced by an artillery shell from a remarkable distance of up to 50 km. 

Russia uses Penicillin - a complex detecting Ukrainian shell noise
Photo credit: TS Star

Moreover, the thoughtful territorial arrangement of the sensors, coupled with optimal positioning, empowers the specialized computer software of the combat unit to pinpoint the coordinates of the enemy’s firing weapon with impressive accuracy. The sound measuring complex’s passive radio emissions, meanwhile, offer a significant advantage—it remains active without drawing attention to itself, making detection by enemy radio devices far less probable.

Counterbattery warfare

The “Penicillin” artillery reconnaissance complex is responsible for the critical task of counter-battery warfare. In other words, this group of soldiers has the job of identifying enemy firing posts and then supplying fellow artillerymen with essential target information for retaliation. 

Data is quickly and efficiently processed and dispatched to users. This swift turnaround allows for enhanced proficiency in our artillery operations. The Penicillin complex is also known for its high mobility with its crew strategically altering their location daily to increase their odds of remaining undetected, thus significantly boosting survivability. 

Russia uses Penicillin - a complex detecting Ukrainian shell noise
Photo credit: TS Star

The complex provides our crew with versatile equipment options, including remote and mast setups, to prepare for combat operations. This flexibility, apt for varying battlefield scenarios, enhances our artillery effectiveness. Moreover, it maintains performance even in difficult weather, notably advancing the precision of artillery operations.

“Acoustic Detection”

The commander, known by the call sign “Voiko”, unveils the underlying mechanics of how their devoted operation handles the battlefield complexities. “Voiko” explains that their crucial duty is to acoustically detect enemy movements and activities. This system is specifically designed to pick up the presence of weaponry, such as howitzers, cannons, and HIMARS, among others, providing exact coordinates. 

These invaluable coordinates are relayed back to the command post, initiating critical decisions about enemy annihilation or additional intelligence gathering. Prompt confirmation on the targets detected comes back, fortifying their mission strategy, says “Voiko”. A crucial part of their tactics is stealth. He highlights their efforts in reaffirming their invisibility to the enemy by practicing several evasive measures. The leaders of the “Penicillin” artillery reconnaissance complex, including the fearless commander “Voiko”, work non-stop to make their operations sleek and invisible. They exceptional focus on concealing any evidence of their involvement, showcasing just how challenging their mission truly is.

Here I am, says “Voiko”

In a more intimate narration, “Voiko” shares his personal encounters and lessons from working in the Penicillin complex. He passionately shares his wisdom with any newcomers, teaching them the art of blending seamlessly into their surroundings, mastering movements, and camouflaging effectively. 

In an emotional recount, “Voiko” speaks of living in a region targeted by the enemy. He clearly remembers a terrifying day when a rocket was launched while children were outside and he was at home. That sparked his steadfast resolve to join the cause. 

“Voiko” assures that despite the distance, Moscow has not disregarded him. He proudly mentions holding a government award and receiving a punctual monthly wage. “In terms of provisions and accommodations, it’s all well taken care of. The Russian Ministry of Defense ensures that we are fully supplied with vital necessities such as food and water, and the deliveries are always on time. We have no issues,” adds “Voiko”.


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