Over 2,700 drones will roll off Ukrainian production lines daily

Ukraine is preparing to change the balance of power in the field of drone production and use vis-a-vis Russia. According to the speech of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on New Year’s Eve, one million drones will be delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the end of 2024. This makes 2,732 Ukrainian drones active every day, whether for production or for participation in military operations.

Ukraine is throwing 300 DJI-made Mavic 3T drones at the Russians
Photo credit: Twitter

According to Ukrainian experts, in 2024, Ukraine will try to increase local military production. Dubbed the “engine of economic recovery,” local manufacturing needs to increase capacity at least sixfold. These are Kyiv’s plans, which were revealed on December 27 by Oleksandr Kamishin, Minister of Strategic Industries.

On Target

Ukraine’s industry has already begun to be targeted. Realistically speaking, the last Russian attacks for 2023 and the new ones for 2024 are aimed not so much at the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, but at enterprises from the defense sector. At least that’s what they say in Russia.

But Moscow’s claims have been confirmed by intelligence analysis in London, UK. The British say the new Russian targets are military factories, workshops munitions depots, etc. similar facilities.

“Undoubtedly, Russian strategists acknowledge the increasing relevance of defense industry competencies and are gearing up for an extended conflict,” conveyed British intelligence to Platform X.

Watch: 20 Russian workshops produce thousands of FPV drones per day
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The drone war continues

The announced one-millionth Ukrainian drone produced says that the year 2024 will also most likely be under the sign of the drone war. As was the past year 2023.

If Ukraine manages to fulfill the promised quantity, it is assumed that it is possible to catch up with the production of Russia, and at some stage, it is possible to overtake it. BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that the Russian industry currently produces 1,000 drones per day. However, Russian production is expected to grow in proportion to that of Ukraine.

FPV drones will also be the ones that will come under the spotlight in 2024. Cheap and quick to produce, these drones live a short life after their purpose is to self-detonate enemy armored vehicles, enemy positions, or heavy artillery systems.

Ukraine is throwing 300 DJI-made Mavic 3T drones at the Russians
Photo credit: Twitter

Russia is changing tactics

Against the background of all these statements, a reciprocal response from the Russian Federation is already noticeable. According to Ukrainian sources, Russian missile attacks over the past few days have shown a change in tactics.

I.e. According to a Ukrainian general, the Russian army fired several missiles at the same target. However, the missiles are not launched simultaneously, but one after the other. The goal is to concentrate strike power where an air defense battery, be it Patriot, NASAMS, or IRIS-T, can be deployed.

According to the Ukrainians, such an action was prompted by the possibility that the Ukrainian batteries would not be able to counter due to a lack of ammunition. However, such ammunition is still available, they say in Ukraine.

Acute shortage of ammunition

Indeed, the information we recently received is extremely accurate. Ukraine’s General Sergei Naev warns that the country’s air defense system is presently experiencing a severe ammunition shortage. During a visit to troops stationed near Kyiv, Naev informed AFP that the available ammunition for Ukraine’s mobile air defense platforms should endure “the impending intense confrontations.” 

Medium to long-term planning, however, inherently highlights Ukraine’s dependency on Western nations “to rejuvenate its missile arsenals,” where the key requirement remains further ammunition. 

“Of course, we are eager for additional missiles for the Patriot systems and the systems themselves,” expressed the head of the United Ukrainian Armed Forces, who is responsible for mobile air defense units in the capital, Kyiv, and in Northern Ukraine. He was referring specifically to the US Defense Patriot systems. This is because Russian forces are striving to “truly deplete the air defense system.” 

In light of the extensive and overwhelming Russian assault on Ukraine at the outset of the year, Kyiv’s standpoint underlines the urgency to ramp up the Western delivery of air defense systems, combat drones, and medium-range missiles.


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