India is running military drills with Russia and the US right now

Amid the ongoing crisis with Ukraine, a duo of destroyers from Russia’s Pacific Fleet have arrived at the Bay of Bengal. Here, they’ve embarked on joint training maneuvers with the Indian Navy. 

Russian Admiral Gorshkov warship crossed the English Channel
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The collaboration with Russia coincided with the Indian Army’s involvement in the Vajra Prahar training exercise at Umroi, Meghalaya, where they partnered with the US Army Special Forces. 

As stated by the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday, “These maritime exercises strive to boost and solidify the naval bonding between Russia and India.” 

In essence, this exercise will pave the way for the two navy forces to deal collectively with global threats and safeguard civilian shipping operations within the Asia-Pacific zone, the agency further elaborated. 

Regardless, India has yet to release an official announcement regarding this exercise. Based on details from the Russian Defense Ministry, the event is scheduled to run through Wednesday. 

Participating vessels from Russia’s Pacific Fleet included the Admiral Tributs, an anti-submarine destroyer. 

In the second week of November, Russia initiated the Myanmar-Russia Maritime Security Exercise [MARUMEX], its inaugural joint naval exercise with Myanmar. This move signifies an expansion of security cooperation between the countries, integrating both naval vessels and aircraft. 

The two nations are currently under sanctions from the global community due to the military coup in Myanmar and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine involving Russia. Both forces engaged in simulated air combat and live ammunition exercises in the Andaman Sea, located south of Yangon.

An exercise with Russia

In the Baltic Sea, 2021 witnessed the completion of the 12th iteration of the bilateral Indra Navy exercise conducted between the two nations. In the preceding year, Russia had orchestrated an annual military demonstration involving 13 different countries, including India and China, in its eastern region. 

Nonetheless, India’s participation was limited to the provision of its army contingent, Gorkha 7/8 rifles, while it chose not to engage in the naval aspect of this bipartite event. 

Drawing criticism from the US, White House Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre highlighted their “dismay related to any nation that participates in exercises with Russia, considering that the latter is presently prosecuting an unwarranted and savage conflict with Ukraine.”

An exercise with US

The US Army and the Indian Army are currently engaged in a coordinated Vajra Prahar exercise being held in Umroi, Meghalaya. Initiated on November 21, this 14th edition of the Joint Indo-US Special Forces sees representation from America by the 1st Special Forces Group [SFG] of the US Special Forces. Meanwhile, the Special Forces personnel from the Eastern Command are leading the Indian contingent.


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