Ukrainian arms production is growing, ‘US’ assembly lines are coming

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has voiced his satisfaction with the progress of the nation’s defense industry. The President noted in a recent video message that, despite ongoing hostile conditions, the sector is hitting increased production targets. This information comes directly from a Ministry of Strategic Industries report and is a significant development, according to Zelensky. 

Ukraine started mass production of 82mm shells in facilities abroad
Photo credit: UkrOboronProm

In discussions alongside Defense Minister Rustem Umjerov, the topic of Ukraine’s missile construction program came up. President Zelensky made clear that the program’s performance is having a significant impact. The achievements are heartening for Ukraine and perturbing—but necessary—for their adversaries. Currently, Ukraine’s main source of missiles on the battlefield is supplied by their U.S. or European allies.

Conference with Ukraine

The United States is set to engage in discussions surrounding arms production with Ukraine come December. This is according to an announcement made by the White House. With the dates set for December 6th and 7th, the US government is gearing up for a meeting with Ukrainian representatives. The objective? To explore potential opportunities for co-productions and joint industrial endeavors in Ukraine. This conference embodies the US government’s commitment to escalating “weapons production in support of Ukraine’s struggle for liberty and security.” 

It’s acknowledged universally that the United States is Ukraine’s key ally in the face-off against Russian encroachment. Since the commencement of the conflict in the closing days of February 2022, the Democratic-led US, with President Joe Biden at the helm, has delivered or pledged billions in military aid to Kyiv. Since the onset of the war, Ukraine has strived to build its own arms industry, aiming to liberate itself from the reliance on foreign supplies of arms and ammunition.

New Russian drone attacks reported

Once more, late on a recent Friday evening, Ukrainian air defenses found themselves on high alert. They had detected the ominous presence of Russian drones. Two distinct groups of these unmanned kamikaze aircraft, manufactured in Iran, were making their presence felt. The first group was seen in the eastern parts of the country, while the second flew over southern Ukraine, according to information released by the Ukrainian Air Force on the messaging platform, Telegram.

Kyiv: Heavy fighting

In the aftermath of the unexpected progression of Ukrainian forces across the Dnipro’s proximity to Kherson in Ukraine’s southern region, arduous combat persists. As revealed by the Ukrainian General Staff on the previous Friday, the objective for the troops crossing the river encompassed “executing diversion tactics, invasions, and reconnaissance operations”. 

Notably, their mission was to survey the Russian military’s supply corridors and artillery locations. A critical function, however, is to compel the Russian forces to retreat from the Dnipro’s edges, thereby putting an end to the relentless Russian assault on civilians on the riverside. 

For an exhausting span of 21 months, Ukraine has been countering a Russian infiltration with extensive backing from Western powers. The Russian military was compelled to retreat from the Kherson region’s northwest area behind the Dnipro River over a year ago, owing to Ukraine’s successful counterattacks. Ever since the Dnipro has served as the demarcation line in that area.


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