Second stage engine known as Izdeliye 30 is fitted to the Su-57

The Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet from Russia is in line for enhanced combat abilities with the addition of the “Izdeliye 30,” or second-stage engine, as stated by the state-run Rostec Corporation. 

Second stage engine known as Izdeliye 30 is fitted to the Su-57
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Keeping the media informed, the corporation’s press service stated that advancement is underway on the Su-57 platform. The focus is on enhancing combat capabilities via the integration of cutting-edge technologies, leading to a boost in overall efficiency. 

“The Su-57 aircraft’s powerplants are designed to operate with both the first and second stage engines. The fighter already lines up with the fundamental fifth-generation aircraft requirements, even with its first-stage engine,” the press service detailed. 

Furthermore, the Russian entity indicated that the fighter plane is undergoing flight testing with the second-stage engine. The contract currently in place includes a plan to supply an aircraft outfitted with this advanced engine. 

While Rostec chose not to disclose precise details of the fifth-generation fighter’s enhanced combat capabilities, a comprehensive analysis of the Su-57’s engine upgrade was offered by Thakur, an Indian defense analyst. 

Russian Su-57 Felon gets a R-37M missile with a 300 km range
Photo credit: Sukhoi

In his comprehensive assessment, Thakur articulated that the Su-57 was initially intended to utilize the breakthrough Izdeliye 30 engine, which allows for supersonic cruise flight without dependence on fuel-guzzling afterburner chambers. 

Throughout its development and testing phase, the Su-57 relied on an interim powerplant – the NPO Saturn Product 117 engine, derived from the Su-35’s afterburning AL-41F-1S turbofans. 

The introduction of the Izdeliye 30 engine is anticipated to significantly enhance the fighter’s thrust and fuel efficiency, and simultaneously decrease weight and upkeep needs. 

Russia produces 6 Su-57s a year, new Su-57's engine is coming
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One standout feature of the Izdeliye 30 is its chevron nozzle, renowned for increasing thrust efficiency, stability, maneuverability, and overall performance while cutting down engine noise. Notably, the addition of Chevron exhaust nozzles is likely to deeply influence the aircraft’s infrared [IR] and radar footprints. 

The implementation of these nozzles adjusts the exhaust plume’s temperature distribution and shape, making IR and radar detection and tracking of the plane more difficult, thereby augmenting the jet’s stealth features overall.

What is known about Izdeliye 30?

The AL-51F-1, also known as Izdeliye 30, is an advanced turbofan engine with a two-shaft, low-bypass, afterburning design. The structure of this powerful engine is composed of a three-stage fan that’s driven by a single-stage lower-pressure turbine, further paired with a five-stage high-pressure compressor that’s propelled by a single-stage high-pressure turbine. 

Second stage engine known as Izdeliye 30 is fitted to the Su-57
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When compared to its predecessor, the AL-41F1, the AL-51F-1 engine exhibits notable improvements. For one, it incorporates glass-fiber plastic IGVs and convergent-divergent nozzles that employ serrated flaps. These features are designed to minimize its radar visibility. Furthermore, the AL-51F-1 boasts a 19% increase in thrust-to-weight ratio, a 6.4% enhancement in specific thrust, and a 9% reduction in specific fuel consumption. 

In terms of power, this turbofan engine’s thrust is estimated at 107.9 kN [24,300 lbf] while operating without afterburner, and 166.8 kN [37,500 lbf] with afterburner use. The AL-51F-1 is typically equipped with a full authority digital engine control [FADEC] system, which ups its reliability under different working conditions.


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