Kyiv rejected the free Bastion APCs and they went to Armenia

Armenia has recently become the recipient of Bastion multi-purpose armored vehicles from France, originally set aside by the Ukrainian authorities. This news was shared by Ouest France, detailing that the Bastion vehicles, previously discarded by Ukraine, had now become a charitable gift for Armenia. 

Kyiv rejected the free Bastion APCs and they went to Armenia
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France has, of late, commenced the provision of military aid to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. As part of these timely initiatives, the French top brass sanctioned the shipment of the inaugural batch of said armored vehicles to Armenia. 

During a diplomatic visit to Yerevan on the 3rd of October, Catherine Colonnade – the French Foreign Affairs head, proclaimed that Paris had sanctioned the provision of military equipment to Armenia. During a press conference, she disclosed that France has given the green light for future agreements with Armenia, facilitating the delivery of military hardware to bolster its defense capabilities.

Next meeting

On the dates of October 22 and 23, Suren Papikyan, the Defense Minister from Armenia, journeyed to Paris for a rendezvous with Sebastien Lecorneux, his French counterpart. 

The meeting yielded bilateral cooperation agreements, setting the stage for the prompt dispatch of military equipment originating from France. 

France, in turn, put the final touches to the sale of a trio of Thales Ground Master 200 [GM200] radars, in addition to inking a memorandum of understanding for the provision of the Mistral short-range air defense system. 

The subsequent agreement pertained to Yerevan’s procurement of night-vision binoculars, a product of the Safran company, as reported by the Ministry of Armed Forces.

Ukraine: ‘Poorly protected’ vehicles

The writers of the piece underscore that equipment transport takes place through Georgia and into republic territory. Interestingly, the British Tribune discussed Paris’ plans to dispatch approximately 20 Bastion armored vehicles to the Ukrainian conflict area as early as 2022. 

“These vehicles were initially designated [poorly protected] for Ukraine. However, Kyiv deemed them as inadequately shielded against artillery fire and anti-tank missiles,” quoted the publication. In response, the French government redirected its equipment to Armenia, the authors of the article thereby concluded. 

The French Minister of Armed Forces, Sébastien Lecorneau, asserted on November 12 that France is contemplating denying the movement of weapons from its reserves to Ukraine. He indicated that Paris is currently in discussions, striving to persuade Kyiv to directly purchase equipment from the manufacturers, by employing funds from a relevant fund.

About ACMAT Bastion

The ACMAT Bastion, a state-of-the-art French armored personnel carrier, is crafted by the distinguished manufacturer, ACMAT. The Bastion could formerly be acquired by patrons in North America and Oceania through Mack Defense. However, as recently as 2021, this sophisticated vehicle is being produced by AM General. 

The inventive chassis of the Bastion is built upon the foundation of the ACMAT VLRA. In a significant advancement in 2018, Arquus, the esteemed owner of ACMAT, formed a lucrative contract with AM General. This agreement allowed for the proposal of the Bastion as an armored ambulance, heightening its capacity for care within the ranks of the U.S. Army.


The Bastion PATSAS is an exceptional model particularly customized for the needs of special forces. This unique variant is considerably lighter, tipping the scales at merely 10 tons, and possesses the capacity to accommodate a crew of five fully armed soldiers. It boasts an impressive arsenal with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, along with the possibility of adding 3 more medium-sized machine guns. 

On the other hand, The Fortress, previously known as Bastion HM [High Mobility], represents an ameliorated version of the standard Bastion, equipped with a robust motor boasting 340 horsepower. This enhancement is also accompanied by an independent suspension system, significantly augmenting its mobility. Interestingly, it comes in two sorts –  an armored personnel carrier [APC] and an armored logistic vehicle.


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