Russia: Arms orders remain stable at $55 billion despite sanctions

Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation [FSVTS] made an announcement on November 13, during the 2023 Dubai Airshow, as reported by its director, Dmitry Shugaev. 

Russia Arms orders remain stable at $55 billion despite sanctions - Il-76MD-90A
Photo credit: Telegram

Shugaev reassured those listening at the airshow, “Despite pressures on our partners and attempts to tarnish Russia’s reputation, the demand for our military goods remains unfazed, and we’re confident in reaching our export goals for this year.”

He revealed that successful military-related transactions have positioned the portfolio of armament orders on a steady scale of 50-55 billion dollars. These exports, he noted, align with schedules and agreements made with external partners. 

UAE interest

Bringing attention to the relationship with the United Arab Emirates [UAE], the FSVTS Director conveyed the country’s enthusiasm for diverse Russian weapons. He highlighted that UAE and Russia are presently in dialogue about potential new supplies and the prospect of industrial collaboration. 

Shugaev attributes this successful partnership, emphasizing that the two nations have a longstanding military-technical partnership with the UAE being a reliable ally of Russia. Now, the focus spotlights what he terms the “cooperative component.” 

Upward trend

Shugaev remarked in June about the upward trend in global demand for Russian military assets such as fighter jets, combat helicopters, armored vehicles, and missile systems. He expressed at that time that Russia collaborates in this sector with over a hundred countries worldwide. 

Shugaev’s comments in June came as a response to the call made by the British Defense Minister Ben Wallace who insisted on “not investing funds in Russian arms.” 

In the same discussion, Shugaev stated that with the launch of newer models, any structural and technological flaws witnessed during warfare are eliminated. This substantially enhances the primary attribute of military gear – its battlefield efficiency. 

He commented, “Consequently, an increasing number of nations are showing curiosity in acquiring our goods. This translates to a promising growth prospect for our partners in the field of military-technical cooperation [VTS – editorial notation].”

Interest in Russian air defense

Moreover, in light of Russia’s special operation in Donbas, Denis Manturov, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, disclosed on February 20 that there is a surge of interest from Western nations in Russian air defense mechanisms and other weaponry. 

Regardless, he cautioned that any trade with foreign nations faces the meticulous gaze of “antagonistic Western countries,” causing potential challenges in favorable outcomes.

Il-76MD-90A(E) debut

During the Dubai Airshow 2023, attendees can look forward to approximately 200 exhibits presented by Rostec. These exhibits will showcase a gamut of military, dual, and civilian products from some of Rostec’s top corporations, such as UAC, Russian Helicopters, Ruselectronics, Kalashnikov, KRET, and High-Precision Complexes. 

The highlight of the show will be something truly monumental. Rostec is set to reveal the Il-76MD-90A(E) heavy transport aircraft for the first time. This aircraft represents a sophisticated upgrade to the highly reliable and famous Il-76MD aircraft. 

Upgraded features make up more than 70% of the plane’s systems and components. As a result, the payload capacity now reaches 60 tons, the flight range has been extended, fuel consumption has been minimized and all these improvements have elevated flight safety too. 

The Il-76 type aircraft is known for its versatility and high demand. They have proven successful in tackling a wide range of tasks. From transporting military personnel around the globe, carrying various types of cargo locally and internationally, to combatting natural and artificial fires, this plane does it all. 

The best part? Customizing this aircraft for specific tasks like installing firefighting equipment or medical modules doesn’t require an extensive overhaul. It’s a process that can conveniently be carried out at any airport.


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