Israel will not run out of auxiliary components for its F-35s

Despite the intensification of the Israeli-Palestinian strife and ensuing appeals concerning potential contraventions of global humanitarian statutes, such as acts tantamount to warfare crimes, the government of the Netherlands has opted to persist in its provision of auxiliary components for Israel’s F-35 warplanes. This development has been communicated by sources in the Dutch administration, according to reports from a local newspaper.

F-35I Adir is a 'monster', with its own frequency hopping EW system
Photo credit: IAF

Reports indicate that the Netherlands’ Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hanke Bruins Slot, alongside the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Liesje Schreinemacher, received advance notification in the middle of October concerning an impending consignment of additional components intended for Israel’s F-35 fighter aircraft.

Legal counsel affiliated with the Ministry cautioned that Israel may be infringing upon the rules of warfare due to its previous use of F-35 fighter jets in launching attacks on Gaza. However, the potential diplomatic ramifications of halting the delivery could significantly strain the existing relations with not only Israel but also the United States, as per media revelations.

F-35I Adir is a 'monster', with its own frequency hopping EW system
Photo credit: IAF

Asserting a stance of no restrictions, the Dutch Foreign Ministry has conveyed to the newspaper that the dissemination of goods to global allies in the F-35 program is unhindered.  

In an unforeseen and extensive assault instigated on October 7, the Palestinian organization Hamas severely executed a blitz of rockets targeting Israel from the confines of the Gaza Strip. Penetrating the boundary, the attack resulted in numerous casualties and kidnappings in the Israeli communities situated in the vicinity.

In an act of retribution, Israel administered counterattacks and declared an absolute embargo on the Gaza Strip, a densely populated region habiting over two million inhabitants, thereby discontinuing the provision of essential resources such as water, sustenance, and fuel. 

New version of the 5th-generation F-35 stealth fighter arrives in Israel for testing
Photo credit: The Drive

In an intensified effort to neutralize Hamas militants and retrieve captives, Israel initiated an extensive terrestrial operation within the Gaza Strip boundaries on the 27th of October.

The aggravation of the discord has culminated in approximately 1,400 fatalities in Israel and an excess of 10,000 in the Gaza Strip.

Warning from the US

According to various off-the-record conversations with Israeli officials, The New York Times has reported that U.S. officials have proposed a series of measures to mitigate inadvertent civilian fatalities in Israel’s ground invasion in the Gaza Strip.

These recommendations encompass adopting a ‘more intentional’ methodology in their activities, and employing lesser-scale explosives specifically aimed at Hamas’s subterranean facilities, as disclosed by the aforementioned sources.

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, conveyed on Friday that he had engaged in dialogues with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, concerning the “tangible actions” that America contemplates Israel ought to institute to “lessen” the fatalities of innocent civilians.

However, he refrained from highlighting the exact procedures, as per a news report released on Saturday. The identical message was relayed by Blinken during his interaction with a conclave of six Arab heads of state in the capital city of Jordan, Amman, on the successive day, according to the same report.

According to US officials, extensive deliberations have been carried out recommending Israel to adopt a “more measured strategy” to minimize civilian fatalities in their operations. This approach entails heightening the sophistication of targeting the leadership of Hamas through the enhancement of intelligence gathered on the organization’s leadership and operational networks before any escalations.

It also suggests the utilization of less destructive explosives to infiltrate the tunnel network. Moreover, it emphasizes the strategic positioning of Israel Defense Forces’ ground troops to create a demarcation between civilian localities and potential congregation points of members of the Palestinian faction, the report further elaborated.

The diplomatic leaders comprising the foreign ministers of Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and the Palestinian Authority convened in Amman, Jordan, this past Saturday.

Their agenda was to synchronize their endeavors directed towards terminating the prolonged conflict between Israel and Hamas. Accruing to this meeting, these ministers also conferred with Blinken, illustrating a unified position on the ongoing strife in the Gaza–Israel region.


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