Ukraine begins serial production of ‘Lancet killer’ EW system

The Ukrainian company “Piranya-Tech” has recently concluded field trials for the Piranha AVD 360, a vehicle-mounted radio-electronic protection complex designed for armored vehicles.

Ukraine begins production of 'Kill Russian Lancet' EW system
Photo credit: Defense Express

This innovative technology is primarily developed to counter kamikaze drones, including those of the “Lancet” variety, and is now poised for serial production. 

The successful completion of field trials was confirmed by Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov. Furthermore, Minister Fedorov unveiled a demonstration of the complex in action during trials to solidify the credibility of the Piranha AVD 360. 

The trials depicted a Mavic-type drone’s signal interference when in proximity to a vehicle outfitted with the Piranha AVD 360 system. During the initial approach, the drone loses GPS satellite navigation signals—a situation potentially fatal for an inexperienced operator. After 15 seconds and a further approach, total disruption of the drone control signal occurs. 

The Piranha AVD 360 boasts a compact design, allowing convenient mounting on motorized and armored vehicles. The antennas of the complex, which remain externally fitted, are the only visible elements when mounted on a vehicle. 

In addition to suppressing GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo satellite navigation systems, the Piranha AVD 360 is also capable of interrupting drone control frequencies. Its range of interference extends to civilian drones such as the Mavic or FPV as well as to more advanced drones like the Lancet. 

During trials, the complex—powered by 150 to 250 W—proved effective at distances up to 600 meters. Moreover, the Piranha AVD 360’s automated system eliminates the need for constant setting adjustments or a dedicated operator to manage the complex. 

The Piranha AVD 360, referred to as a ‘trench REB’, is deemed necessary for installation on all frontline armored vehicles. Additionally, the integration of this system into artillery configurations is flagged as highly beneficial.


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