Part of the French AMX-10RCs to Kyiv are for Ukrainian marines

The Ukrainian 37th Marine Separate Brigade has come into possession of an impressive 40 French AMX-10RC wheeled combat reconnaissance vehicles. These fortified machines, designed for recon and combat, have recently been delivered from France. 

105mm tank destroyers with precise rounds will be given to Ukraine
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The AMX-10RC’s initial engagement on Ukrainian soil was less than stellar due to flawed tactical execution in their deployment. This unsuccessful advent saw four of the vehicles lost, one of which was seized by Russian forces and later exhibited in Patriot Park. Consequently, these French combat vehicles were relegated to the second line. However, within weeks, evidence of their reintroduction began to surface, notably in the form of indirect fire operations.

The training regimen of soldiers from the 37th Independent Marine Brigade can be seen in the enclosed video, focusing on French mechanized vehicles. These specialized machines are often mischaracterized as tanks when they are, in fact, intended for usage as fire support vehicles. 

First unveiled to the French Army in 1981, the AMX-10RC represents a successor to the stalwart Panhard EBR, serving as a reconnaissance combat vehicle on wheels. Its primary offensive equipment is the formidable 105mm F2 BK MECA L/47 gun, supplemented by the versatile 7.62mm NF1 universal machine gun for increased firepower.

The vehicle, at optional instances, can be outfitted with a 12.7 mm high-caliber M2HB machine gun. For the primary weaponry, a standard unit of fire comprises 38 rounds, while the secondary weapons system supports 4000 rounds. 

When equipped with appropriate anti-tank munitions, the said armament holds the capability to penetrate approximately 350 mm of RHA armored steel. It should be noted, however, that the armament is not compatible with the standard NATO 105mm ammunition, exemplified by its usage in equipment such as Leopard 1 tanks.

The centerpiece of this vehicular marvel is a Baudouin Model 6F11 SRX diesel engine that delivers a power of 280 horsepower. Consequently, this enables the car to clock speeds of up to 85 km/h on paved terrain and a commendable 45 km/h when traversing off-road terrains. Depending on its specific configuration, the mass of this vehicle ranges between 15.8 to 22 tons. 

The AMX-10RC model comes fitted with robust armor that affords notable resistance against both 14.5 mm and 23 mm ammunition, focusing particularly on the frontal section of the hull for added security. However, it is intriguing to note that such vehicles are gradually being phased out from the French armed forces. Their roles are set to be supplanted by EBRC Jaguar combat reconnaissance vehicles, marking a transition in the dynamic of this sector.


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